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5 Distinctive Diamonds That Should Be Part of Your Collection

Diamonds are among the best treasures a woman can possess. These glistening pieces of stones can add sparkle to any outfit and perk up style instantly. If you are a diamond enthusiast and love adorning new and exclusive pieces of jewelry, then this blog is just for you.

We bring to you the top five distinctive diamonds that should be part of your diamond jewelry collection. These diamonds are unique, versatile and look elegant when paired with certain outfits.

  • Round Brilliant White Diamond

The most common and popular type of diamond is the round brilliant white diamond. This diamond possesses an unmatched shine that cannot be found in any other hue or shape of a diamond. So if you have not yet bought this diamond then it is time to make it part of your collection to add that edge to the jewelry you possess. You can shop for a ring or a pendant with a round brilliant diamond.

  • Pink Oval Cut Diamond

Pink diamonds are among the rare colors of diamonds, and so, shopping for this hue is one great thing to do. These diamonds are available in various shades ranging from vivid pink to light pink with the vivid shade being the most expensive one. You can get an oval cut pink diamond ring from New World Diamonds as we offer a collection of colored lab created diamonds.

  • Black Diamond

We have all seen someone boast different hues of diamonds. However, black diamonds are quite rare and not everyone adds them to the collection. Nonetheless, if you want to enhance your style and add a versatile piece of jewelry to your range then a black diamond can be a good investment. These diamonds are unique and can easily be paired with any outfit.

  • Princess Cut Blue Diamond

Blue diamonds possess a unique charm that adds a blink when you wear jewelry containing it. They give out a sharp sparkle and can be paired with fine pieces of jewelry easily. Princess cut blue diamond is a perfect piece to add to your collection as this shape of diamond radiates from all corners making it a glistening attraction.

  • Red Diamonds

The rarest of all, red diamonds are something that cannot be missed out on if you love diamonds. The deep hue of red acts as a center of attention and glows immensely. Shopping for red diamond jewelry like bracelets, rings or a simple pendant can be a great way to possess something so elegant and stylish.

These were some of the most distinctive diamonds that should certainly be part of your diamond jewelry collection. You can create your very own jewelry by customizing it at New World Diamonds. You can also buy colored diamonds at great prices. If you want to buy diamond wedding rings then New World Diamonds also offers a special bridal collection that you can shop from. So why wait? Get started and shop for your favorite diamonds today.

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