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5 Classic and Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

5 Classic and Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Nowadays, we see Hollywood's A-listers wearing the most stunning and exceptional one-of-a-kind diamond jewelry matched with their couture outfits. Even in the present, in many of our dress designs, we see styles and tones that appear to have gotten back from past periods. 

The same holds for diamond jewelry. Other than being simply outstanding, the allure of vintage inspired engagement rings or jewelry is its capacity to ship you to an alternate universe. The adventure of buying a vintage piece of jewelry is not just the ownership of a unique piece. Instead, you wonder what period it came from. Who owned it all those years ago? And what is the story behind it? 

You become captivated by the inscriptions and markings on the jewelry, envisioning the exquisite woman who once wore it in a stunning outfit as she hangs tight for her darling, or perhaps a dapper young lady that stood out, portraying female strength in the early long periods of the 20th century years. Simply having the option to have a piece of the past is an outright exhilarating inclination.

However, owning an antique piece of jewelry or any unique vintage inspired engagement rings is not for everyone. These pieces, as unique as they are, are just as expensive. The hefty price tags are enough to make you swoon. But this is where vintage-inspired jewelry comes in!

New World diamonds offer you some of the best vintage inspired engagement ring settings for your engagement and weddings. These are way more reasonable and just as rich to look at! Take a look at our favorite engagement rings available to you.

  • The Caroline Ringstands out with its simplicity. A functional design, this ring is a very traditional cut and setting that make it such a sophisticated choice. The caroline ring is a 0.93-carat diamond set in white gold and is an excellent example of vintage-inspired jewelry.

  • The Bonnie Ringby New world diamonds is all the rage right now. Our Bonnie Ring is set to steal hearts with emerald-cut diamonds making a comeback. A 2.09-carat lab grown diamond ring, this one is perfect for your engagement.

  • Colored diamonds were rare years ago, and they are a rare engagement ring today. But this rarity is its appeal, and colored lab grown diamonds are one of the most bought engagement ring designs today. Our Helen Ringis the aptest example of a savvy, rich-looking vintage-inspired engagement ring.

  • The Lucinda Ringis yet another piece of engagement rings vintage inspired and of high quality, that shows off a brilliant orange-colored diamond. The 0.55-carat orange diamond is surrounded by a halo of white ones set in 14K gold. This ring is antique-looking as well as trendy!

It is generally vital to search around, become familiar with the styles of various time-frames, and pick one that you and your partner go gaga for, one that obliges your way of life and you will wear proudly for the rest of your life as a symbol of your love.


  • While most of these are a statement of elegant simplicity, the Effie Ringis set to stand out. Its uniquely shaped square halo design and as trendy engagement rings setting shows off a deep blue diamond that will make people gasp in awe.

Whether it's your engagement ring, wedding band, or a ring to propose with, vintage-inspired lab made diamonds rings are a godsend. They manage to bring out a royal experience at such reasonable rates. Lab grown diamonds are the way to go!


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