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5 Beautiful Trendy Light Jewelry!

A diamond is not just a piece of coal.

They are a woman’s best friend.

With rapidly evolving technology over the past five years, the light jewelry industry has witnessed a boom with the development in the lab grown diamonds. Gems that are aesthetically and chemically identical to the natural diamonds are formed in just a matter of a few months.

And with a younger and conscious millennial generation coming of diamond-buying age, many young girls are choosing light jewelry for their daily use which is adorned with the presence of lab grown diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds were found as far back as the 19th century. But the formation of perfect sized diamond, however, needs the attention of an expert with the knowledge of science and art both. Lab grown diamonds have developed to be more rare, luxurious and unique in the last few years.

Talking about the light jewelry or lab grown diamond accessories, they are here with beautiful designs that will add shine to your personality and don’t cost you a fortune.

Some of the beautiful and trendy light jewelry include tennis bracelets, eternity bands, and hoop earrings.

At New World Diamonds, our lab grown light jewelry is crafted exclusively with the best lab grown diamonds to bring you the very finest, conflict-free and affordable light jewelry options.

Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Make a different and remarkable statement with a lab grown diamond tennis bracelet, a stunning addition to your special jewelry collection. This bracelet is with round cut lab grown diamonds and is the perfect accessory to any outfit or special day.

11 Stone Lab Grown Diamond Band

Make another statement with the 11 stone lab grown diamond band, perfect for everyday wear as a complement to your diamond ring, or when worn alone. It uses a secure scallop basket style setting for the 11 x 0.13ct each, 1.5ctw, VS/SI clarity, round cut F/G color lab grown diamond.

Lab Grown Diamond Tennis Bracelet Bangle

The lab grown diamond tennis bracelet bangle blends the tennis bracelet style with a cozy, tighter fit bangle. This bracelet is with 3.0ctw (min. 2.95 ctw) F/G color, VS/SI clarity round cut lab grown diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamond Round Inside Out Hoops


The lab grown diamond round inside out hoop earrings have prong-set diamonds on the front and inside back, so once you wear the earrings you never see metal and just see diamonds, surprised? It uses 2.0ctw (1.0ct per earring) Round Cut F/G color, VS/SI clarity lab grown diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamond Trinity Pavé Ring

The Trinity Pavé diamond ring is accented with 0.20ctw diamonds going halfway around the shank and maybe a perfect flush fit with the ring. This ring matches perfectly with the trinity pavé diamond engagement ring.

This collection doesn’t stop here. It will keep growing. At New World Diamonds, we are developing a beautiful collection of light jewelry for women of this generation.

Buy your favorite lab grown diamond light jewelry at New World Diamonds and find your favorite accessory to rock all season long. Feel good by looking good with lab grown diamond light jewelry rings and accessories.

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