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3 Ways to Style Your Cushion-Cut Diamond

You might often search about how you can style a particular jacket in different ways or how you can pair your denim with that favorite top. Well, fashion trends are always growing and it is quite imperative today to keep up with these trends. Among the growing trends is that of the diamond. Everyone wants to own a diamond today; after all, this sparkling gemstone provides eternal brilliance and looks so pure that it just steals your heart.

Well, if you are ready to make your first big purchase of this dazzling gemstone then let us pop in a few tips for you. First of all, when considering a diamond, make sure you check out all the options open. By this, we mean lab grown diamonds. These diamonds are rising in popularity and serve a better purpose than natural diamonds as they are conflict-free and ethical. Besides, you can save up to a beaming 40% when you buy a lab grown diamond. With the advancement in technology lab grown colored diamonds are also available today. So make sure you browse for them and get your hands on the best diamonds.

Among the various diamond shapes, one that is quite popular and looks beautiful is the cushion-cut diamond. This diamond’s shape is a square that's rounded off from its edges to emit a sparkling shine. Here, we tell you about the three different ways how you can style your cushion-cut diamond.

Halo settings are widely known to make the gemstone look bigger. So why not use it to your advantage? Get your cushion-cut diamond set in a halo setting surrounded by little gleaming stones in platinum metal. This style will also work well as an engagement ring because of its glamour.

Solitaires are one of the most common types of rings. If you want to go for a minimal look, then get your cushion-cut diamond in a high prong setting and a simple white gold or platinum band. This type of ring is perfect for casual wear as well.

  • Diamond band for the luxury look

If you want your cushion-cut diamond ring to look luxurious then get it set on a diamond band that is embedded with little diamonds. This will add a sophisticated touch to your diamond and look stunning.

Another alternative to the cushion-cut diamond is the princess cut lab diamond that you can choose and apply one of the three styles mentioned above to make your ring unique. Make sure you get a cushion-cut diamond from a reputed seller. New World Diamonds is an online diamond marketplace where you can shop for the best lab grown diamonds at great prices.

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