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1000+ Unique and Classic White Diamonds

1000+ Unique and Classic White Diamonds - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

A classic white diamond has a special place in a woman’s heart. As beautiful as it goes, just like her own beauty. Every woman wants to shop white diamonds in her life once or more. And with the entire diamond world being changed with the lab created diamonds, this dream is getting, in reality, sooner than ever.

Lab grown classic white diamonds is beautiful opaque white-colored gems. The term ‘white diamonds’ is usually applied by people who are active in trade and many others when talking about the standard transparent, pale diamonds. However, they are not clear and transparent like people mistakenly understand. Classic White diamonds are the natural or artificial appearance of colored diamonds that exhibit a strong white face-up color.

Classic white diamonds are the most popular diamonds which make wonderful additions and focus on any piece of jewelry. A high-quality white diamond will add a touch of sophistication whether you choose an engagement ring, a wedding ring, a bracelet, or a necklace. Before you choose a perfect  piece of jeweley for you, first deeply understand what white diamonds are.

Understand them before you shop white diamonds

White is a neutral color. Classic white diamonds are not valued by their level of contamination but rather chosen for being 'white', pure! Only a few diamond manufacturers stock classic white diamonds created in the lab. Classic white diamonds are thus rare even in the lab grown diamonds world. At New World Diamonds, we have an assorted guide to white diamonds helping you shop white diamonds very easily.

Are they really ‘white’?

White diamonds are not literally white. Fact is that they really don't have any color. They are really colorless just like water. White diamonds with lesser color grading have a yellowish tone which is not considered as rare or valuable as truly colorless white diamonds. But even with the pure white diamond or colorless diamond, not every time they are valued higher. If a red-colored diamond has perfect cut and clarity, it will be valued higher as it is very rare

Why you should shop for white lab grown diamonds?

With an exact chemical composition like mined diamonds, white lab grown diamonds are pure and have no or very less impurities. White diamonds are created in a sophisticated environment above the ground, in a lab, harming no human or nature. With unique growth patterns, white lab grown diamonds are similar to what you get in a natural diamond.

Classic white diamonds created in a lab are guaranteed, pure, graded, and not pre-owned. All lab created white diamonds can be certified from highly trained GIA geologists and are given an IGI or GCAL certificate to make sure their grading is perfect.

At New World Diamonds, you can shop white diamonds with proper certification and authentic growth associated with them.

So, hop on and explore our collection of white diamonds studded in a ring, necklace, or a bracelet.

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