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10 Surprising Facts about the Lab Grown Diamond Rings

The creation of lab grown diamonds has stirred up a conversation between buyers about the authenticity and composition of these diamonds. A lot of people still get confused when making a decision between lab created diamonds and earth mined diamonds, but the truth is that these diamonds are equivalent to natural diamonds.

However, there’s a lot more to lab diamonds than just their properties being equal to the natural ones. So here are the top 10 unknown and surprising facts about these diamonds:

  1. Lab diamonds cost much lesser

When we talk about buying diamonds, we know that it is going to be a big bang for the buck. But, this case is not the same for lab diamonds as they cost up to 40% lesser than the earth mined diamonds. Now isn’t it a big saving?

  1. They’re sustainable and abundant

Getting mined diamonds is surely not easy as volcanoes play a vital role in gaining these diamonds. However, lab diamonds can be created in a laboratory without harming the earth’s natural resources; hence they’re a sustainable option and can be created in abundance without any shortage in supply.

  1. Lab diamonds are a tech wonder

Who would have known a couple of years back that diamonds could be made in a lab? Well, that is why lab diamonds are a wonder created by man using high technology.

  1. Lab diamonds = Mined diamonds

Yes, that’s right; lab diamonds are equal to the mined diamond in every aspect. From their chemical composition to their radiance and beauty, everything is alike among the two.

  1. They’re graded!

Just like natural diamonds, lab created diamonds are also graded based on the 4C’s, so when you purchase Lab Grown Diamond rings or bracelets, you can look for the diamond grades of the diamonds being used.

  1. Lab created diamonds are environment-friendly

It needs a lot of excavation under the earth’s surface to get hold of the natural diamonds, so surely it disrupts the natural balance. However, lab diamonds are created in a laboratory and hence, they’re an eco-friendly alternative to natural diamonds.

  1. Lab diamonds are certified

To prove their authenticity and purity, every lab diamond comes with a certificate from and accredited laboratory.

  1. You can know the origin

When you purchase a lab diamond, you can be assured that you will know every little detail about the origin of that diamond. Where it was created and using which process, everything is mentioned on the authenticity certificate.

  1. Lab diamonds are eternal

Along with natural diamonds, now lab diamonds are also on the list of the gemstones that are everlasting and forever due to their amazing properties.

  1. Created in few days

Unlike natural diamonds, lab diamonds are created just in a matter of few days. So all you have to do is choose your diamond type and wait, it’ll be ready before you know.

These were some of the most amazing facts about lab created diamonds that can help you get useful insight into these wonderful gemstones.

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