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World’s Most Precious Diamonds Sold at Auctions

Have you ever thought about why the price of some diamonds keeps changing from time to time? Well, it’s the diamond itself that is so unique in its own way. They are so incredibly unique that their price keeps fluctuating. Also, there are some diamonds that have managed to break their own records. Some of the diamonds are so beautiful that they are sold at auctions. You will find everything at an auction. Right from lab-grown diamond necklaces, natural diamond rings and different colored natural and lab-grown diamonds. We will be going through some precious diamonds that were sold at auctions. Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. The Graff Pink - $46 million

It is a very rare pink diamond weighing 24.78 carats. It was sold about 60 years ago by Harry Winston and is currently in a private collection. This diamond was originally for about $26 to $35 million but it was bought by Laurance Graff at $46 million.

  1. The Chloe Diamond - $16.2 million

It is a very bright and brilliant colorless diamond that was named after a 12-year-old daughter of the Guess company founder. It has the highest grading diamond and is very large with a smart cut.

  1. La Legende Heart-shaped Diamond - $12 million

It is known as one of the most precious and expensive heart-shaped diamonds that was sold at an auction. It was initially estimated at $10 million but was sold at $12 million.

  1. Rare “Vivid Pink” Diamond - $11.7 million

It is a 5 carat GIA VS1 pink diamond that was sold at a Hong Kong auction at $11.7 million. It is a cushion-shaped stone and is platinum in 18 carat gold ring. It is surrounded by shield-shaped diamonds.

  1. Sun-drop diamond - $12.36 million

It is a vivid yellow diamond that was being sold for the first time in an auction on November 15th 2011. It was sold to an anonymous phone bidder. This was the diamond that was discovered in South Africa and the largest colored diamond to be sold in auctions.

  1. Flawless blue diamond- $9 million

As the name says, it is a blue colored diamond and is mostly known for its flawlessness. It was being bidded over for about 15 minutes and then was sold to an anonymous bidder. 

These were some of the most precious diamonds that were sold at various auctions. You can search for some similar diamonds online and get yourself something made out of them. A lab-grown diamond bracelet would look very graceful. Happy shopping!

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