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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50

Why You Must Consider Your Lifestyle before Choosing a Ring

Shopping for an engagement ring with your partner has to be one of the most romantic and amazing experiences. Although surprise proposals work just fine, getting to choose your own engagement ring is something you should go for. After all, the ring is going to be with you for a very long time if not forever, and you get the freedom to choose the ring according to your personal style and preferences.

However, when shopping for a ring, a factor you must consider apart from style and design is your lifestyle. Your day-to-day life will impact your ring, so it is crucial to get one that will be suitable for daily wear. For an instance, if you lead an active lifestyle and hit the gym every other day, you might have to remove the ring constantly as wearing it may damage the ring’s setting. On the other hand, if you like getting your hands dirty by gardening or painting; you might end up staining your ring or getting it dirty. Hence, such factors must always be taken into consideration before you make that big purchase with your partner.

Here are a few more points on how your lifestyle can affect your ring:

  • Tampering of shape

If you lift heavy weights or practice various activities that involve the use of your hand, it can result in tampering with your ring shape. Most of the ring metal bands are often thin, so your ring can easily be pressed. To avoid this, you can go for a thick metal band that can endure such activities and not loses its actual shape. Numerous engagement ring settings involve a thick metal band, so this should not cause a barrier when shopping for a ring.

  • Coloration of metal

If you work with various chemicals or go swimming every other day, it can cause your ring to lose its shine and color. Besides, your fingers often shrink while swimming so you may not notice when your ring slips off your finger. Hence, it is important to consider these factors.

  • Broken diamond

A rigorous lifestyle that involves the use of tools daily can lead to the breakage of your precious diamond. Even a minor blow to the ring can split it into 2 pieces; hence, it is important to take utmost care of it.

You can shop engagement rings that suit your lifestyle by choosing the right metal and the right type of diamond that will not come in the way of your regular activities. You can also get engagement rings with unique colored diamonds at New World Diamonds.

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