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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Get 10% off on all pieces with code 'SURPRISE'

Why the Argyle Diamond Mine Is So Famous Among Diamond Buyers

If you are a diamond enthusiast then more often than not you might have heard the name of the Argyle Diamond Mine. A lot of people are quite interested in knowing a lot more about this famous diamond mine and why it is so popular. Well, to begin with, the Argyle diamond mine is one of the largest suppliers of diamonds across the world, namely pink diamonds. Just like natural colored diamonds are formed below the earth's crust over billion years, the diamonds found in the Argyle mine are also the same.

The Discovery of Argyle Diamond Mine

The Argyle diamond mine was discovered in the year 1979 in Australia in the rugged Kimberley region by a group of geologists. This led to the opening of the mine in the year 1983 as experts were quite sure that more diamonds could be found. Ever since the Argyle mine is famous for the innumerable diamonds found there. One of the most prominent colored diamonds that are found in this mine is the natural pink diamond. Unlike other diamonds that gain their color from certain impurities, pink diamonds gain their color from excessive pressure. The Argyle diamond mine supplies about 90% of the world’s best quality pink diamonds. Apart from being a huge supplier of pink diamonds, Argyle mine is also known for its brown and champagne diamonds.

What Is So Special About the Pink Argyle Diamonds?

Although pink diamonds are available in Russia and Western Australia these diamonds differ in color when compared to the Argyle diamonds. The diamonds found in the Argyle mine have more of a pink bubble gum color tone which makes them attractive and sparkling. However, diamonds from other areas contain different tones like blue, purple and red that influences their color. Apart from this, branding also plays a vital role in making the Argyle diamonds as valuable as they are today.

Factor to Consider When Shopping For an Argyle Diamond

When shopping for an Argyle diamond, the most important and prominent factor that you have to consider is of course its color. Make sure you invest in the vivid color intensity of the pink diamond as they can be a good investment and will look good even as a piece of jewelry.

You can also choose to shop for lab grown pink diamonds as they are quite a trend these days. Lab grown diamonds Tampa and lab grown diamonds New York are quite popular as they offer superior quality of diamonds that are created using advanced technology. Lab grown diamonds Texas are also great if you want to go for affordable pink diamonds.

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