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Why is the world so taken by The Argyle Pink Diamonds? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Why is the world so taken by The Argyle Pink Diamonds?

Let us start by talking about how natural diamonds are formed. 

Most regularly mined diamonds are made deep inside the earth, two or three billion years earlier. Diamond organizations than mine them out after a ton of digging and drilling using heavy machinery and a lot of labour. The vast majority of these mined diamonds are white or clear jewels. Yet, a portion of these diamonds has lovely hues and tones.

Is all the mining bothering you?

On the other hand, CVD diamonds are a reasonable and environment-friendly decision rather than this truckload of digging for normal diamonds. These jewels are lab grown diamonds and are also found in various shadings.

Back to naturally colored diamonds -

These naturally hued diamonds get their particular shade when a specific chemical gas gets stuck alongside the different gases required during the formation of a diamond. While diamonds themselves are an incredible miracle of nature, getting shaded jewels is extensively more remarkable. They need specific and unique circumstances that happen once in a long while to form. If natural diamonds are a miracle, colored diamonds are as good as an invaluable gift. Consequently, these colored diamonds are priced over the top.

Therefore, individuals and organizations have spent endless hours and assets attempting to mine them. Particularly a pink diamond or a blue, green, or orange one, they require those particular chemical impurities only!

Lab grown diamonds are colored as well. They are made using the same chemicals required for naturally colored diamonds.

Why is the Argyle Pink Diamond so famous?

Since hundreds of years prior, people have driven numerous undertakings searching for fortunes worldwide, and diamond mines were the ultimate treasure. During one such campaign, Australian geologists found the Argyle Diamond Mine in the roughened grounds of Kimberly. This happened in the year 1979.

Today, we have the necessary technology that enables us to create lab grown diamonds in laboratories. This has come to fruition after years of research.  

The Argyle Mine changed the fortunes for those involved!

The Argyle Diamond mine has given out almost 850 million carats worth of white and shaded jewels from that point forward. What is bizarre is that practically 80% of these were brown in color. Brown-colored diamonds are not significant in quality and are essentially utilized in businesses. However the 20% diamonds that were grey, white and colored were of such high quality that people from all over the world wanted to own one. The Rio Tinto group owned the Argyle mine and sufficed it to say that till the year 2020, they made an incredible fortune of it.

Anyway, for what reason is the Argyle Pink Diamond Phenomenon so famous?

While 80% of the mined diamonds were industrial quality, the remaining were stunning. 5% of the jewels mined were of such rare and incomparable quality that their costs made and broke records! Around 2% of them were grey and white superior quality diamonds. These were of prevalent characteristics. In any case, the intriguing and coveted were the Blue and Pink diamond. Just 1% of the mined diamonds were pink. These pink diamonds were of such high quality and were so flawless that people held auctions that reached unbelievable amounts to own one. A precious blue stone showed up very rarely and was even more pricey.

Blue diamond’s maybe a miracle, but Pink Diamonds were the true gift of the Argyle Mine.

The 1% of pink diamonds from the argyle dig changed the game for the precious stone industry. Jewelry Collectors constantly made offers to add one argyle pink diamond to their collection.

This and the organization that mined these jewels, Rio Tinto - became perceived as the biggest provider of pink diamonds. Their 1% mined from the Argyle mines compensated for 90% of the world's pink jewels.

The secret behind the Pink hue makes it more desirable!

The Argyle Pink Diamond Phenomenon is known because it's one major secret. There are no contaminations found in the Argyle pink diamond, which is mind-boggling! How does it get the Pink without any specific chemical?

Many people have tried to speculate and theorize on this. But it is one mystery technology hasn't been able to answer.

As of 2020, the Argyle mine has shut down. This has made the price tags of that available skyrocket. A true Argyle Pink Diamond is a coveted treasure today.

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