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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50
Why is Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Famous? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Why is Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Famous?

Emerald wedding rings are known for their sophistication and understated elegance. The emerald cut is popular and one of the most common choices for big stones having high price points, as this cut has plenty of fire and brilliance. The emerald cut comes in a subdued fashion; therefore, modern brides opt for emerald-cut wedding rings. The following are reasons why emerald-cut diamond rings are becoming famous among brides.

  • The Basics

Emerald engagement ring flaunts an elongated, rectangular shape with a deep step cut. Emerald cut stones have linear straight facets, typically arranged parallelly down the stone's length.

Emerald cut diamonds have cropped corners, typically for eliminating fractures and providing more stability to the stone. This cut offers a big surface table along with deep clarity. The emerald cut comes with lengthy step cuts, which provide abundant white and colored light reflection to the wearer. This emerald cut is popular mostly among brides looking for a big stone diamond ring at low price points, as emerald cut diamonds generally look much larger than other types of diamond shapes with a similar carat weight.

  • Smooth Surfaces

Diamond cuts generally come in multiple angles, but the emerald cut is a popular diamond cut option with large tables and a few angles that step away from its surface table. This is why the Emerald diamond ring contains a smooth surface showcasing the color and clarity of a premium quality diamond stone.

  • Distinctive Design

Brides who want to add a bit of sophistication and understated elegance to their ring opt for this emerald-cut option. This cut is also comparatively less substantial than other kinds of diamond cuts. Emerald cut glitters with great brilliance and flash. If you take a close look at these diamonds, you will get a complete idea of their sophistication and classy elegance that has made the Emerald cut ring rise in prominence.

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  • Timeless fashion

The emerald-cut diamond ring has been a popular option over the course of a few decades. This cut will never go out of style and will always be on trend. Emerald cut diamond ring is a timeless fashion and looks stylish.

  • Radiant Flashes

Round brilliant curd diamond gemstones come in the flashy fire that emerald cut diamonds do not possess, but that does not dull this gemstone. The flashes can be stunning and breathtaking if they are angled right. The bright flashes of emerald-cut diamonds make them fantastic options and a profound statement for diamond jewelry and rings. If you want to add more brilliance to your emerald-cut diamond ring, then you can add luminous small diamond accents to make your ring look opulent and more beautiful.

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