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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Get 10% off on all pieces with code 'SURPRISE'
What to Look for In a Teardrop Engagement Ring? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

What to Look for In a Teardrop Engagement Ring?

Teardrop engagement rings are becoming quite popular these days, and they are also referred to as pear-shaped engagement rings. Many choose this ring option; however, knowing how to shop for a perfect teardrop engagement ring is challenging. Teardrop engagement rings have a stone that comes in a pear shape. Here the cut of the diamond is in elongated form combined with Oval and Marquis cuts. The teardrop engagement ring's shape is unique and a favorite option for many influencers and celebrities who enjoy unexpected and high glam rings. These diamonds sparkle incredibly similar to round brilliant cut-shaped diamonds; however, these rings' iconic stone cut and shape make them unique.

What should you look for in teardrop diamonds?

Teardrop diamond is becoming quite popular; however, it is important to shop for the right piece of stone. Similar to Oval cut stones, you need to be aware of the bow tie effect in the case of pear shaped diamonds. However, you can choose a minimal bow-tie effect and proportional cuts while buying a pear-shaped diamond. The pear-shaped diamond engagement ring comes in several styles: three-stone, Halo style with Marquise, pear side, and round stones. These engagement rings come with vintage style and elegant solitaire ring settings. Today east-west ring setting style is also becoming quite famous. That has a pear-shaped center-cut diamond and eliminates any damage caused to the diamond.

Beware of chipping 

Although these engagement rings are eye-catching, the ring's cut is prone to more chipping as the tip of the diamond is exposed, and since diamonds are not fragile, constant wear and tear can affect the stone or setting. While working or doing a heavy labor job, you must wear gloves to protect your Pear-shaped diamond. You can go for a bezel setting if you want your pear-shaped diamond to last for a long time. Bezel settings will protect the stone and wrap the metal around the diamond stone.

Fancy shape

When shopping for Pear shape diamonds online, you can look for fancy shapes, and it is best to choose the ring that will allow you to change the shape of the diamond. As pear-cut diamonds have fancy shapes, they are cheaper than other cuts. You can get a high-quality diamond with pear-cut diamonds, creating a unique look. Pear diamonds work well with any metal; however, people prefer to choose white gold or yellow gold, or platinum. Proportionate brilliant pear-shaped diamonds are difficult to find since the cut is difficult to make.

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