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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50

What’s the Actual Difference between a Lab Created Diamond and CZs?

Purchasing a diamond is a big investment. These fine gemstones cost a huge amount of money, but of course, they are definitely worth it. No other gemstone on the earth is as sparkly as a diamond, which is why a lot of people love adorning this gemstone as jewelry. However, the high price of diamonds has led to the rise of an inexpensive alternative to it – The Cubic Zirconia. These pieces of stones look like a diamond; however, they are nothing like it.

Oftentimes, people confuse Lab Created Diamonds with Cubic Zirconias. However, they are nowhere related to each other in any manner. Lab-Created Diamonds possess the accurate and precise characteristics that of an Earth Mined Diamond, whereas Cubic Zirconias only serve the physical factor by looking somewhat like a diamond.

For a better understanding, let us look at how Lab Created Diamonds are completely different from Cubic Zirconias.

Lab-Created Diamond vs. Cubic Zirconia

Earth Mined Diamonds are formed purely of carbon and minor impurities, and similarly, Lab Grown Diamonds are formed purely of carbon. These diamonds are grown in a laboratory and possess the same chemical structure as natural diamonds; hence they are the chemical and optical equivalents of mined diamonds. Basically, lab-created diamonds are real diamonds with the only difference being the diamond’s origin. While earth-mined diamonds are formed beneath the earth naturally, lab diamonds are grown in a laboratory using advanced technology.

Various factors like the diamond’s hardness, refractive index, chemical composition and dispersion are equal in both these diamonds. Hence it makes Lab-Grown Diamonds a real diamond.

Cubic Zirconia on the other hand is a diamond simulant. This means they look ‘similar’ to a diamond, but not the same. Additionally, Cubic Zirconias are not formed of carbon but a totally different material, which again makes them completely different from Lab Created Diamonds and Natural Diamonds. These diamond simulants can lose their shine with time and are vulnerable to external damage as well.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can choose to purchase a Cubic Zirconia since they are an affordable option. Another ideal alternative is the Lab Grown Diamonds since they cost up to 40% lesser than Natural Diamonds. Several Lab Created Diamond Brands offer a variety of budget-friendly and beautiful diamonds that you can shop for. The Lab Created Black Diamond Rings are in trend today since they are unique and can be bought at a much lower price than that of a natural diamond. So if you really want to get a diamond for yourself, try investing in a Lab Created Diamond rather than a Cubic Zirconia and you will surely love your new and real diamond.

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