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What is Low Profile Engagement Ring Setting?

If you are looking for a showstopper wedding ring for yourself, you must go for low-profile diamond rings that come in slim designs and never get out of fashion. Many people have this misconception that low-profile rings would mean small and few diamonds, but the truth is size and style are not the defining features of a low-profile engagement ring.

 What is a low-profile engagement ring?

 A low-profile engagement ring contains a soft flash to its band setting. Here the diamond is located inside the band instead of resting on the top. Low-profile engagement rings often do not contain peghead style settings. You can easily differentiate between a low and high-profile ring by noticing the side view of the ring. Next, you need to look at your ring setting and the prongs that hold the stones and diamonds in your ring. When you focus on the center setting and the prongs, you can differentiate between low and high-profile rings. If prongs are extending from the top of your band for holding the diamond, it is a high-profile wedding ring. On the other hand, if the prongs extend from the band’s inside region, thereby setting the diamond lower into the metal, then its low-profile ring.

Should you choose a low-profile engagement ring?

 Whether you want to decide on a low-profile or a high-profile engagement ring depends entirely on your personal decision and preference. The main advantage of a low-profile setting is that you can keep your Custom Lab Grown Diamond Rings sparkling clean every time, as they are difficult to damage easily. In addition, there are wide varieties and styles of low-profile engagement rings so that you can shop from many options.

Why choose a low-profile diamond ring?

There are desirable reasons to go for low-set engagement rings since they are convenient to wear and don't snag on the objects. There are no chances of the diamond in low profile rings setting to catch on fabric, hair any other item. Therefore if you use your hands a lot for your work, this type of ring is desirable. On the other hand, high-profile rings can challenge people who work in different fields, such as doctors and nurses, as they have to wear gloves and physically handle tools and other people. The protruding ring catches on tools and skin easily and can damage and harm your diamond.

Specimens of low ring engagement ring

  • Flush Fit Bezel Ring

This has a clean minimal appearance with a low setting. It is an Oval-shaped diamond set in a bezel case and placed securely. This low-profile wedding ring is known for its loose setting, perfect designs, and practical look.

  • East-West Low Height Ring

If you are looking for low-profile Engagement Ring Settingsthen East-West Low Height Ring is a good choice since it comes with unique settings and is becoming popular recently. It has an extraordinary ring setting which makes the small diamond look big. In addition, the ring has a low setting, less height, and low carat. This gorgeous low-profile wedding ring is a great option for shoppers.

  • Rose Cut Low Set Ring

If you are a vintage jewelry seeker, you should look for a rose-cut low-set engagement ring. It comes with a stunning rose-cut diamond in round brilliant featuring shallow depth and a flat bottom.

  • Bezel stone ring

There are many styles in low profile rings; however, the lowest option is the bezel stone ring which includes a band of metal that wraps the center stone and holds it close to the band. The low profile setting of the bezel ring protects it and makes it a good choice for daily wear.

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