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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50

What are the different styles of using a 2.5-Carat Oval Diamond Ring?

A 2.5-carat oval diamond ring is significantly bigger than its average size. A 2.50-
carat oval diamond will look much larger in its appearance, and its price will
range between $ 10,000 to $ 75,000 depending on the 4Cs and the type of setting you choose. The diamond shop from where you are purchasing your stone can also influence the cost.

1.5 vs. 2-carat oval diamond ring

An oval diamond engagement ring will look in different ring styles and be
available in different cuts and shapes. The 2.5-carat diamond ring oval has
gained massive popularity recently because it adds a feminine touch compared to traditional round engagement rings. The main difference between a 1.5-carat oval diamond ring and a 2-carat oval diamond ring is that the latter is heavier, bigger, and more expensive. The face area of a 2-carat oval diamond ring is 21% more than a 1.5-carat oval diamond ring.

The oval solitaire engagement ring style

Buying a perfect 2.5 ct oval diamond ring can be a difficult choice; however,
choosing the right carat, size, and form before buying is important to make an
easy and confirmed decision. Oval solitaire diamond ring styles are known for
their long-lasting shine and eternal age; therefore, couples prefer this ring style to symbolize their long-term commitment and bond difference. An oval solitaire
engagement ring is a classical and elegant piece of jewelry that tastes the wearer's unique style.

Oval engagement ring in gold metals

Oval engagement is a popular choice today, set into bands made of precious
metals such as rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum. These wedding
and engagement bands' metals are used for multiple purposes, such as protecting the oval diamonds, providing more stability, and adding a bit of class to the overall ring design. When it comes to choosing an overall 2.5-carat oval
engagement ring, the most popular options are white gold and rose gold since it
reflects a bonding color.

Oval half-eternity diamond ring

An eternity band or eternity ring is a ring that comes with repeating patterns of
beads that are usually diamonds. Oval eternity rings are worn along with
engagement rings in western culture during marriage. This ring set is crafted
from platinum or gold and is made in different styles to suit the preference and
taste of the ring-wearer

Side stone oval solitaire diamond engagement ring

Side stone oval diamond engagement rings represents affection and love in a
beautiful way. This ring setting features a small stone set in the center of the oval diamond. Side stone solitaire engagement ring comes with a center oval shaped diamond that symbolizes your love and commitment to your partner.

Prong Setting

The oval prong diamond setting will hold the stone securely and ensure
maximum sparkle. Overall, prong settings are a popular wedding or engagement
ring setting that helps increase the light to pass through the diamond and makes
the oval ring sparkle more.

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