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What are Color Diamonds and What Do they Mean? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

What are Color Diamonds and What Do they Mean?

They say a diamond speaks to you. A diamond is one of the miracles in nature. A carbon particle turns out to be so valuable and a symbol of a lifetime of love and devotion. Along with its signs of love and devotion, every diamond has a unique color that symbolizes various meanings. With unique colored diamonds, you get a personality trait with it.

Mined diamonds or natural diamonds are found in various colors such as alluring blue, bright yellow, enchanting green, red and pink diamonds which are the rarest of them all. When you buy colored diamonds, it’s important to find one which embodies your personality. For more on colored diamonds and their meanings, here is a brief article from the New World Diamonds team.

The value of color in diamonds

The value of a diamond is established with its color. Every colored diamond is placed in a certain range of colors which determined the value. The range represents how a diamond was found in nature at its origin. The more the desirable color of the diamond, the more valuable it is.

How diamonds are graded for colors?

Colorless diamonds or white diamonds are graded from D to Z; D being colorless and Z represents a yellow tint. The more colorless a diamond, the more value it will have, and therefore the rarer it's within the selected color range.

When a diamond is graded, the clarity should even be kept in consideration. The clarity of a diamond is set by the blemishes and internal characteristics of the diamond, which is merely visible underneath a 10X magnification. A diamond’s clarity will then be rated from Flawless to Included, with Flawless being the rarest of its kind.

So, here you may have understood what the colored diamonds are….

Here’s what they mean

Orange colored diamonds

An orange colored diamond is taken into account as an extremely rare compared to the other fancy color diamonds. The reason? Unlike, orange diamonds, other orange-like color diamonds usually have a secondary color to them, making them less desirable in color. Orange colored diamonds are created due to its boron content during the formation process of a diamond. The fascinating diamond’s color represents courage, energy, and enthusiasm.

Red and Pink colored diamonds

Red is the rarest diamond colors of its range as mentioned before. They say there are only 30 natural red diamonds known to exist in the world. Almost like red diamonds, fancy pink diamonds are almost as rare and valuable. The remarkable red and pink diamonds both symbolize strength, passion, confidence, and power.

Brown diamonds

A brown colored diamond is usually referred to as the cognac, coffee, or champagne color diamond. The gorgeous brown diamond is formed due to its content of nitrogen. Unlike, red diamonds, brown colored diamonds are available in high amounts. It’s believed that the magnificent brown diamond connects the bearer with the world and nature. It also symbolizes order, stability, and clarity.

Yellow colored diamonds

Yellow colored diamonds are considered to be extremely popular and are used to design a number of the world's most iconic jewelry items. Same as the brown diamond, yellow diamonds are created due to nitrogen being present in the formation process. The fascinating diamond represents humility, hope, friendship, and happiness.

Green colored diamonds

A green colored diamond comes during a sort of extremely rare green and yellow green color. Unlike, other fancy color diamonds, green diamonds are formed due to the exposure of radioactivity. One of the most fascinating diamond symbolizes youthful strength, nature, abundance, and prosperity.

Blue colored diamonds

Blue diamonds also are exceptionally rare. The remarkable blue hues are caused due to boron being present in the formation process. A blue diamond represents peace, truth, devotion, eternity, chastity, and spirituality. The breathtaking blue color of the stone has made the diamond extremely popular.

It’s fascinating to understand that every diamond has its own characteristics and unique symbolism. The next time, you buy unique colored diamond,  keep the interesting representations of the diamond in mind. This way, you'll be ready to get a diamond that really speaks to your personality and elegance. Explore our collection of colored diamonds today!

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