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5 Creative Ways to Get Someone’s Ring Size

It’s officially engagement season! While we’ve got you covered when it comes to a full selection of the most affordable, ethically created engagement rings, we know there are a few details to iron out in the process. One of those, of course, is determining your significant other’s engagement ring size. While some people are straight shooters and will ask flat out for a ring size, others want to be a bit more subtle in hopes of keeping the engagement proposal a complete surprise. If the latter describes you, check out these ideas for not-so-obvious ways to get a ring size.

1. “Borrow” one of their rings.

Aw, what a sweet significant other you are, volunteering to get his/her jewelry cleaned! Telling your future fiance that you want to get their rings cleaned as a gift is a great way to be subtle about getting a ring size, and it also performs an act of service for your loved one (bonus points if that’s their love language!).  However, if you feel like this would even still be a bit too suspicious or out of your character, then you can grab a ring that he/she isn’t wearing (being conscious to choose one that you know fits) and use it. Actually that’s maybe more like stealing, but it’s for a good cause...and of course, you’ll give it back and then one-up it with an engagement ring.

2. Get crafty with a handprint date night!

Many jewelers can estimate a finger diameter if they have a tracing of your loved one’s finger. Now how you go about getting a tracing can be a bit more tricky. Why not tap into your inner artist and get crafty with some homemade handprint crafts? Make Christmas tree ornaments out of your handprints, or opt for cute animals or something that matches your decorative style. Pinterest is full of ideas for this, and you’ll make memories and art all at once, with lots of laughter sure to ensue.

3. Play a game of “hot hands” (and compare finger sizes).

Don’t know how to play the childhood game hot hands? While your future fiance has his/her hands on top, study their fingers and see if any of them compare to the size of any of your fingers. For example, perhaps their ring finger is close in size to your pinky finger? You can also do this while holding hands, although it may be a bit harder to actually look at their fingers. With the way hot hands works, though, their hands are on top for as long as you need — giving you a prime opportunity to figure out a finger size!

4. Tell them you’re buying a ring for your mom/aunt/brother/grandfather.

This one may be a bit too obvious, but if your engagement is going to be pretty random, it might work. Simply have your loved one be the reference finger for “someone else” you’re going to buy a ring for — wink, wink. Just make sure you choose someone that their fingers are kind of close in size to, or it will definitely be obvious!

5. Enlist a friend to make a “Wedding Vision Board”.

If all else fails, phone a friend — a friend of your significant other’s, that is. Plant an idea in their hand for a friend’s night in, in which they create wedding vision boards and talk about all the details (including engagement rings) for their future wedding. Your friend may be able to slyly ask for a ring size while they’re in the excitement of the moment, or he/she could suggest your loved one try on a ring of theirs. You know, to see if it fits and such.

Let us know how you figure out their ring size; we love to hear your creative engagement stories! And, be sure to shop our gorgeous engagement rings to find the perfect diamond for your perfect person.

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