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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Get 10% off on all pieces with code 'SURPRISE'

Trending Couple Rings To Show Your Love To The World

Despite the fact that love is a common language that is spoken by everyone, you got to give yours a personal touch, don’t you feel so? So, when it comes to expressing your love to your loved ones, why not make it one-of-a-kind? One elegant way of doing this can be your engagement rings. Fascinating, right? These rings are exchanged to showcase your love for one another. But, the meaning might differ from one couple to another. These days, there are trendy lab-grown diamond engagement rings to which you can add your own touch. If you want to impress your partner, get couple rings as they are taking over the ring fashion game.

We have listed some trendy options for you to select from. We are sure that they will come through for you.

  1. Fingerprint couple ring

These come in both masculine and feminine styles. If you want your ring to stand out, this is the best way. You can imprint your fingerprint on your husbands’ band and vice versa. Isn’t that so cute?

  1. Engraved rings

These types of rings are famous not only for the names to be engraved but anything for the matter. You can choose a phrase that you and your spouse are fond of, your anniversary date, your favorite symbol, and the list goes on. Doing this will remind you of your evergreen love.

  1. His & her rings

If you want to go modern and keep up with the trend, his & her rings are an option for you. You can go for a “beauty and beast” theme, “heartbeat symbol” theme, “Minnie and Mickie” and many more. They are very cheeky and adorable.

  1. Heart connected rings

These rings have a half-heart on both rings. When you combine the ring, it makes a full heart. Isn’t that romantic? What better way than showing how much you love your spouse? It is a very unique style and holds emotional value.

  1. Latitude and longitude rings

If you are a long-distance couple, this is just the perfect custom made ring for you. You can imprint the latitudes and longitudes of whichever part of the world you are in. Distance doesn’t matter when you love someone truly, right? No better way than showing your love than this ring type.

These were some romantic couple-rings ideas for you to make your engagement or proposal more happening and memorable. Get your hands on the best CVD diamonds of all time and impress your loved ones.

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