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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50

Tips to Plan a Low-Budget Wedding to Celebrate Your Special Day

Weddings are incredible affairs of love and laughter. A packed hall, scented flowers, wedding gowns, the decor, delicious food, dances, and your friends and family that you have over. This is no doubt, fun! But, you can’t ignore the budget factor if you have one, can you? Well, it is important to have the perfect wedding of your dreams because that is what everyone deserves. But, at the same time, balancing your budget and yet having a wedding that is gorgeous is important.

To help you stay within your budget, we have come up with some tips and tricks that will for sure help you in regards to the money factor. Stay with us till the very end to know more.

  1. Choose a weekday for your wedding

Venues these days cost a lot more for wedding ceremonies. If you want to escape that, choosing a weekday for your big day will be a very smart move. Venues are much cheaper on weekdays as compared to the weekends. Also, the season in which you are getting married also plays a vital role. Summer is a peak season while spring is at a close end.

  1. Avoid going overboard on flowers

Florists can often be expensive for weddings. Be certain that you chose flowers that are a little inexpensive and don’t go overboard. You can always opt for handmade flower decorations if that’s something that will interest you.

  1. Save a penny or two on catering

A portion of wedding food is something which we all look forward to. If you are on a budget, you can reduce the number of items on the menu. Talk to your caterer and tell them to give you the most basic food and beverage package so that all of the guests get their favorite, traditional cuisine and no one will complain.

  1. The wedding cake

Try and keep the cake minimal. We suggest that there is no need to get a 10-tiered cake. A cake that is simple enough will get the job done easily.

  1. Keeping the wedding intimate

Inviting some close relatives and friends is the key to saving money and staying within your budget. This will also benefit you in paying attention to every guest and not letting them be on their own.

These were some tips for you to stay within a budget when planning your wedding. You can rather go a little overboard on the ring than the wedding. Choose lab-grown diamond engagement rings from New World Diamonds and surprise your spouse with the best one. We, at New World Diamonds, give you a guarantee that these CVD diamonds are trustworthy. Get your hands on a beautiful diamond and also stay within your budget!

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