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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Get 10% off on all pieces with code 'SURPRISE'

Tips on How to Find Your Perfect Ring Size

If you aren’t aware of the size of your ring, you need not worry anymore. Discovering the size of your ring can be as easy as heading to a local jewelry store and measuring it there. But, to make it simpler, there are several easy ways you can get this done at home. Sounds easy and less hectic, right? Ordering a ring online or getting the perfect engagement ring settings can get difficult if your partner isn’t aware of your size, right? To make it easier, check out the tips and tricks that we will be mentioning below that will help you get your job done at home.

  1. Measuring your finger

It is one of the simplest ways and you can go about it. You can do this with the help of a string or a strip of paper. Start by cutting a strip of paper about 4 inches long and wrap it around the finger you want your ring in. After measuring, use a chart that shows the perfect ring sizes. You can find that online.

  1. Measuring a ring you already have

Almost everyone has that one ring that fits you perfectly. That ring will come in handy at such times. All you need to do is use a ruler to measure the inside of the ring from edge to edge. Then, take the diameter measurement in millimeters and then follow it up with a professional ring size chart.

  1. Get your own ring sizer

You cannot be too careful while measuring your ring size. It can be for your engagement as well, right? If you are worried about any of the above-mentioned tricks, you can always invest in a good ring sizer. They don’t tend to be expensive. You can find them online. This is easy, you don’t need to step out of the house for this purpose at all. This way, you can shop engagement rings without giving it a second thought. 

If considered, these tips and tricks will help you get your job done just by sitting at home. There are so many amazing ring options that you come across every day and feel like getting them. White diamond rings, unique colored diamonds studded rings, and many more. Get your hands on the most perfect ring that you saw online by being sure about your ring size. Get that ring now by being confident about your ring size! Happy shopping!

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