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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Get 10% off on all pieces with code 'SURPRISE'
SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Get 10% off on all pieces with code 'SURPRISE'

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Custom Lab Grown Diamond Rings

Everybody loves diamonds! They’re filled with sparkle and beauty, and a special rarity that adds to their allure. It takes the precise right environment, then millions (if not billions) of years for a diamond to mined, which makes them a singular and special part of your jewelry collection. Everyone wishes to have a diamond ring once in a lifetime. But for such amazing rarity, you need to save a hefty amount and then spend it in a one go.

How about some other way you can own a diamond but save a ‘hefty’ amount at the same time?

Diamond rings including white diamond rings having a center stone as a Lab Grown Diamond are getting popular because of their similar composition as the mined or natural diamonds, which makes it affordable to own custom lab grown diamond rings.

Here’s a short guide for you to choose the perfect custom lab grown diamond rings…

Tip 1. Research, research, and research

Start your search for the best lab grown diamond company that is experienced and has its own facility to grow these diamonds. Most companies now sell lab grown diamonds online so you get plenty of options. Choose a reputed brand and check for their total time of experience in the field. Some brands mislead lab created diamonds and sell simulants which you need to avoid. Lab grown diamonds are created in the laboratory where a similar environment is formed as the belly of the earth and a reputed company will offer you lab grown diamonds with qualities similar to natural diamonds.

Tip 2. The ring style

It's essential to seek out what style your partner would prefer. Dig in her jewelry box, ask her friends and family, otherwise, you can reasonably even pay attention to her Facebook or Instagram profile to learn what she likes and dislikes. IF ALL ELSE FAILS... you actually can't go wrong with a classic solitaire design. You will definitely find classic designs while you shop engagement rings.

Bonus Tip: If you're getting lab grown online, check their return policy - just in case you would like to exchange for a special style or have the sizing done post proposal. Ask the company if they are offering customized designs. If they do so, go for it and pay extra if needed.

Tip 3. Availability

Lab-created diamonds are available various in shapes and sizes. See what your loved one's preferences are then check what lab-created diamonds are available with your selected website. The sizes and shapes of the diamonds can create an impact on the ring style you are choosing. You can create a cushion cut center look by using a round center diamond surrounded by a cushion shaped halo. 

Tip 4. Don’t forget your budget

White diamond rings with lab grown diamonds are less costly, this suggests you get a better bang for your buck! Think about surprising her by improving the color/clarity/cut/carat due to the savings or even giving her custom lab grown diamond rings - believe it or not, custom design in rings are more affordable than you may think.

Buying an engagement ring will definitely take time! Do not rush into the decision. It's necessary for you to find something that is the best style, price, quality, and most importantly something she ADORES - after all she will be wearing it for the rest of her life!

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