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The Rarest Diamonds Across The World

Have you ever wondered how many diamond types are present? Well, there are many gorgeous diamonds that you can invest in. Many of them are so rare and hold a heavy value. Well, let’s just say that they deserve to be priced the way they are being priced. There is a lot that we can know about some of the rarest diamonds across the world. If you are willing to know more about them, stay with us till the very end. Some of them are also available for sale for you to get your hands on them.

  1. The Pink Legacy

It is one of the rarest pink diamonds to ever exist. It came out on sale on November 13th, 2018 in Geneva. It is a diamond that is descended from the Oppenheimer family and costs up to $30 to $50 million. It has a boosting pink color and clarity like never before. A diamond closest to this one will be the Pink Promise that got sold at an auction for $32.48 million in 2017.

  1. Graff Venus

It is the largest and flawless diamond. It is a heart-shaped stone with a D color. It weighs 118.78 cartas. It is said that this diamond took special machines and tools to cut it in shape. It is worth every hour of the many months that it took to create such a beauty. For now, no price has been given to this diamond.

  1. Golden Empress Diamond

It is one of the newest diamonds of the elite category. It is a fancy cushion-cut, a yellow diamond that weighs 132.55 carats. It is considered a truly unique diamond that is there in the game.

  1. Millennium Star Diamond

It is an incredible 203.04-carat diamond and is also the world’s second-largest diamond. It was stolen from the Millennium Dome within a few hours of it going on display. It was found in Congo in 1990 and they haven’t put a tag on it as of yet. However, an estimated value for the diamond is $5 million. 

These were some of the rarest diamonds across the world. You can get your hands on some lab grown colored diamonds that replicate these in a way. You will get ample variety in the shapes and colors as well. The princess cut lab diamond is absolutely trending these days. Know your diamond inside out by investing in the best and rare collection.

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