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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Get 10% off on all pieces with code 'SURPRISE'

The History of Black Diamonds - How Did Black Diamonds Come into Existence?

The beginning of anything and everything is fascinating to know, how things come into existence and how did the formation happen is always of one’s keen interest. Black diamonds are one such shiny lustrous object which is so beautiful to look at that you cannot go without owning one of them. But do you ever wonder how it came into existence? If you did, you are just a few minutes away from knowing it.

The origin of black diamonds is a topic of debate, and a mystery as well. It is believed that these diamonds were discovered by Brazilians. These diamonds were called ‘carbonados’ initially. This name was given to it because of its burnt and carbonized appearance like charcoal. Another interesting fact is that this term was given to it by Portuguese sellers.  

The most interesting theory about the formation of these diamonds is that it is believed there was an asteroid invasion on earth that brought these diamonds to our planet. The period when this happened was about 2-4 million years ago and this is another mind-blowing fact. That an alien object, which came into existence causing so much damage is now very valuable. But even this theory is highly debatable as there is no solid proof of this happening.

Another belief is that they came into existence because of radiation. Yes, chemistry finds its way into everything! Spontaneous fission of uranium and thorium cpilf could have played its role to form these hard diamonds.

While scientists believe that these diamonds are formed in outer space, there is a strong possibility of these things forming in a hydrogen-rich surrounding.


However, the formation happened we are glad these beautiful objects came into existence so now we can make them one of our dear possessions. The beauty of these objects is phenomenal but we’d suggest that go for Lab Grown Black Diamonds as these are much more eco friendly and pocket friendly. Black Lab Diamond is much purer as definitely the best choice available. So get your hands on them right now, what are you waiting for?

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