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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50
SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50

The Finest Collection of Men's Jewelry

Women love adorning themselves with elegant pieces of jewelry, and so do men. Of course, not with heavy necklaces and bracelets, but yes, there are ample options available when it comes to jewelry for men. Unlike women that love bold and opulent adornments, men like wearing simple jewelry that makes a statement.

Among men’s jewelry, the most common are the rings. Every man has a ring or two studded with gemstones or diamonds on their fingers. A lot of men love boasting their birthstones on rings; it can be in a silver or gold setting. On the other hand, many gentlemen love wearing diamond jewelry. Of course, rubies and pearls are not so cherished by men, so the best option you have is the diamond. Today you can find many Lab Created Diamond Brands that offer a collection of jewelry with lab diamonds. These diamonds are a great option as they are equivalent to their counterparts.

Men’s Jewelry at New World Diamonds

New World Diamonds is the ideal place if you are looking for men’s jewelry as they offer a fine collection of the Best Price Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry for men. Here’s a list of a selection of the premium jewelry available at the lab diamond marketplace:

  • Diamond Rings for Men

Choose from the luxury collection of men’s diamond rings at New World Diamonds. Each ring here is studded with the purest lab-grown diamonds certified by IGI. From sophisticated wedding bands to modish fashion rings, you can shop from a wide range. Several styles of rings available are the solitaire ring, cluster diamond ring, and the pave setting diamond ring. You can get the rings customized in your preferred ring setting of gold or silver.

  • Ear Studs for Men

Ear studs are the jewelry that is considered to be a fashion statement for males. Wearing a single ear stud is the most common and stylish way of boasting a diamond. At New World Diamonds, you can spree on different colors of lab-grown diamonds for your ear studs.

  • Pendant for Men

Pendants are classy and add a sense of fashion to any outfit you wear, so getting a lab diamond pendant from New World Diamonds can be a great way to walk out in style. The men’s pendant available here are the cross pendants in various flairs that you can choose from.

There are a lot more options that you can shop from at this lab diamond marketplace. Make sure you choose jewelry that will complement your personality and make you stand out among others.

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