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Some Common Myths about the Kohinoor Diamond - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Some Common Myths about the Kohinoor Diamond

We all know that the Kohinoor is one of the most controversial diamonds. It has been the subject of conquest and intrigue for many centuries now. It has passed through the hands of Mughal Princes, Afghan Rulers, and Punjabi Maharajas. People don’t really know much about this diamond in detail which resulted in the controversial issue. To make you aware, we will be talking about some myths that many people believe are true.

Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s unfold them and talk about reality. Shall we?

  1. Myth 1: It was cut clumsily which resulted in a reduction of size:

Reality: It was a classic case of mistaken identity on account of the chroniclers of the time when they floated an unfound theory that Kohinoor was rather clumsily cut by a Venetian cutter and it resulted in a reduction of its size. The confusion was later resolved by researchers that the diamond in question was actually the Great Mughal Diamond gifted to Shah Jahan by Mir Jumla, the diamond merchant, and not the Kohinoor as it was falsely reported as.   

  1. Myth 2: It is a flawless diamond

Reality: The uncut Kohinoor was flawed at its very heart. Some yellow flecks were seen at its center. One of them was large enough to refract the light. This was the sole reason why Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, was so keen to recut it. Kohinoor is also very far from being the largest diamond. It is only the 90th largest diamond.

  1. Myth 3: It came from the Kollur mine in India

Reality: It is not humanly possible to know where and when the Kohinoor was found. Some people also believe that the Kohinoor diamond is a Syamantaka gem. That is, from the Bhagavad Purana from the tales of Krishna, who is the most popular god in the Hindu pantheon. What we know for sure is that the Kohinoor wasn’t mined at all. It was unearthed from a dry riverbed.

These were the 3 most common myths about the Kohinoor Diamond that we unfolded for you! At New World Diamonds, we thrive to help you understand what’s true and what’s not. This was one of the many attempts. If you are interested in investing in some gorgeous lab-grown diamonds, we have got a wide range waiting for you. From lab grown blue diamonds to lab grown pink diamonds and lab grown black diamonds, we’ve got it all! For gorgeous CVD diamond jewelry, make sure to check us out!

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