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Reasons to Buy a 3-Carat Cushion-Cut Diamond Ring - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Reasons to Buy a 3-Carat Cushion-Cut Diamond Ring

A 3-carat cushion-cut diamond ring is an attractive wedding or engagement rings
option. This diamond-carat weight gives an ideal balance between fashion and
versatility. If you want to take advantage of a good quality diamond shape that
fits any ring setting style, go for a 3-carat diamond cushion cut wedding ring. The
3-carat cushion-cut diamond ring on hand will fit fine. It will also make your
center stone look big and stand out. A cushion-cut diamond looks larger than
other popular shapes, like diamond-cut diamonds having the same carat weight.
Following are other reasons why you should go for a 3-carat cushion-cut diamond ring.

1- Provides Several Variations

A 3-carat cushion-cut diamond ring comes in a variety of shapes and several
facets compared to other popular diamond cuts. You can get an elongated or
square cushion-cut diamond ring in the modern or antique version. The standard
3-carat cushion cut diamond is designed to provide a shimmering 3-carat effect,
and its original shape comprises broad and larger facets to make the ring look
bigger. If you want a chunky cushion, look in your engagement ring a 3-carat
cushion ring will be your right choice.

2- Cheaper than brilliant Round Cut

Round brilliant cut diamond is in high popularity and great demand, which raises
their prices. In contrast, cushion cut diamonds has lower demand, so their price
is comparatively lower than the round cut. The cost of a 3-carat cushion-cut ring
will be around 25% less than a round-cut diamond with the same carat weight.
While cutting round-cut diamond rings, many diamonds get wasted, which is not
the case with cushion-cut diamonds. As cushion diamond has a rough shape,
cutting the diamond is easy and results in low wastage and less cost.

3- Enhances Color

The cushion cut ring facets retain its color, meaning that if you buy a perfect-cut
oval diamond engagement ring with fancy colors and gemstones, you can flaunt
and emphasize the color. A cushion cut 3-carat diamond ring is an excellent
choice for colored or fancy gemstones

4- Good brilliance and excellent Fire

Even though a cushion cut diamond will not match the sparkle of a round
brilliant cut diamond; however, it comes with beautiful fire and excellent
brilliance, unlike round diamonds, which makes this diamond sheep attractive
and popular. Most of the vendors do not provide a cut grading of cushion diamond rings on the lab report, which makes it challenging to choose the best
cushion cut diamond.

5- Timeless and classic

Brides who do not want to make their ring style go out of fashion can benefit the
best from cushion-cut diamonds that will always remain a classic and timeless
choice. The cushion cut combines Princess cut and Round cut; therefore, the
chance of this diamond shape going out of style and fashion is far from reality.

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