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Old Mine Cut Diamond: The Ultimate Guide

Old Mine Cut Diamond: The Ultimate Guide

Diamonds with old mine cuts have drawn renewed interest among vintage
jewelry lovers. Old mine cut diamond bears a unique appearance with a
squeaky shape, curved edges, and a smaller table. Old mine cut diamonds
resemble a cushion cut shape with an added vintage feeling. The notable
features of this diamond are the small table, deep pavilion, and high crown of
this antique-shaped diamond. Some interesting features of this diamond are
the imperfect faces and asymmetrical features.

Why should you purchase old mine-cut diamonds?

  • Affordability

One main reason to invest in old mine-cut diamonds is their affordability.
Miners cut diamond costs much less than other popular diamonds since the
quality is a bit lower than others. Modern and expensive diamonds today cost tens of thousands of dollars. However, even expensive old mine-cut diamonds are available at an average cost of $ 5000, while the cheapest old mine-cut diamonds are available for only a few hundred dollars.

  • Stand out from the crowd

These diamonds are an amazing antique or vintage engagement ring that will make you stand out among the other modern and traditional diamond
engagement rings that are usually worn. Old mine cut diamond ring is also an amazing choice for people who love glowing jewelry.

  • A rare gift for your special one

Miners cut diamond ring is rarer and more sophisticated than other modern
diamonds. Many diamond companies are producing only modern diamonds,
and gold mine diamonds are not much in production. If you want to give
something special to your loved one, then nothing can be better than old mine-cut diamonds. Old mine cut diamond ring will look extraordinary on your beloved one's hand.

History of old mine cut diamonds

The history of Old Mine cut diamonds dates back to the Victorian, Edwardian,
and Georgian eras in the 1800s. These antique vintage diamonds held their
appeal until the late 19th century. India and Brazil were the largest sources of
miners who cut diamonds. These diamonds are witnessing recent popularity and resurgence in the market and among brides who want a vintage or antique
engagement ring.

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Tips for buying old mine cut diamonds for your engagement ring

As you know, old mine-cut diamonds are rare; finding an authentic diamond
engagement rings can be challenging. There are limited diamond vendors who
sell old mine-cut diamond rings. While buying, you need to opt for a GIA
certificate from the vendor to ensure that you are getting authentic and rare
old mine-cut diamonds. Always go for a reputable diamond dweller who can
provide you with authentic and real mined diamonds such as New World

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