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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50
Men's Guide - Why Men Should Wear Diamonds - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Men's Guide - Why Men Should Wear Diamonds

When looking for diamond jewelry for women, you come across a plethora of options and answers, but when you look for men jewelry types, have you felt the content is limited? Does this mean that men don’t wear jewelry or maybe they don’t like wearing jewelry? Of course not! Men like wearing these intricate yet stylish diamonds as much as women do. From classic pendants to finger bands, men can rock any jewelry type with any outfit.

If you haven't yet shopped for your first jewelry piece, let us help you with some reasons why getting yourself diamond jewelry can be a complete game-changer.

  1. Gives a Regal look

When men couple their tuxedos or suits with a signet ring, i.e. a ring with diamonds placed in a square framed centre, it complements their formal look, raising their masculinity and charm. By adding some pieces of these glittering stones you elevate your persona, have fun and look great. A sparkling ring completes the look and looks fascinating and precious. New World Diamonds offers a wide variety of elegant mens diamond rings to choose from. Some of the recommended products include The Harvey Ring, The Roman Ring and more.

  1. Voguish & Trendy

A simple yet sophisticated diamond ring band is a perfect go-to option with a casual shirt and jeans. These rings work with any outfit. The modern bands are gaining immense popularity as engagement rings in which a solitaire or a blue diamond is placed at the centre of a sleek matte band. Some of the exquisite designs that New World Diamonds offer are The Layna Ring, The Savannah Ring and more.

  1. For the Modern Man

Pendants with uncomplicated and definitive designs are an extension of your personality and add a wow factor to your ensemble. Usually, pendants for men are symbolic and bold like zodiac signs or a cross. These can be paired with any outfit to add an element of drama and oomph. Some of the modern and unique diamond eco-friendly necklaces offered by New World Diamonds include The Silas Pendant, The Carmen Necklace and more.

Is diamond a man’s friend too? Well, vintage men used to wear jewelry of different kinds until changing trends and style limited diamonds and stones for women. Men embraced these glittery stones with grace and raised the bar of style and fashion a notch higher.

Modern men prefer simple and sleek designs and that too can be attractively coupled with attire of any kind. Be it your wedding dress or office suit, some engineered accessories can add a wow factor and appeal to your personality. Check out our men’s jewelry collection for versatile jewelry that you can't resist buying.

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