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Lab-Grown Diamonds: How are They Distinct From The Natural Ones? - New World Diamonds

Lab-Grown Diamonds: How are They Distinct From The Natural Ones?

Lab grown diamonds are getting popular for their brilliance and a responsible approach towards their creation. Ahead of time and enchanting are these scintillating stones that store all the shine and light of the world. The one who wears them will never deny that these sterling sparkles glow as true and authentic as the natural ones. It is unlikely to spot a difference between a lab-grown diamonds and naturally found ones, for they are pretty identical in composition, shine and radiance. 

Despite being similar in appearance and shine, lab-grown diamonds follow an ethical and eco-friendly process, unlike natural diamonds. Natural diamonds take billions of years of form and are formed within the earth’s crust under tremendous heat and pressure. Conversely, lab-grown diamonds are created inside a laboratory following sophisticated processes by proficiently skilled experts.

An Ethical Creation

Lab-grown diamonds are rare and precious not only for their enchanting appearance but also for the ethical process followed for their creation. Without scarring the planet or impacting biodiversity, these diamonds are responsibly created inside a laboratory mimicking the natural environmental parameters. Carbon seed is placed under tremendous heat and pressure following HPHT (High-Pressure High Temperature) or CVD (Chemical Vapor Decomposition) method, and a diamond is formed. Polished to perfection and cut into brilliant designs, lab-grown diamond jewelry is made intricately with passion. An ethical approach to creating something gorgeous and bright - a lab-grown diamond is nothing less than a wonder!

A Spark That Costs You Little

Lab-grown diamonds are inexpensive and affordable. Thanks to their fine and responsible creation that cuts off the unnecessary cost of heavy machinery, equipment and labor. Natural diamonds need heavy drilling and other processes that involve a large number of laborers for extraction. These eventually raise the cost of a diamond, making them expensive. Moreover, the process of extraction scars our planet leading to environmental imbalances, affecting animal habitats and overall ecology. Lab-created diamonds, owing to their ethical creation inside a laboratory, are priced at low rates, making them an affordable luxury.

New World Diamonds, a pioneer of best lab created diamonds, is one of the most revered lab-grown diamonds establishments that believe in making luxury affordable. With a wide range of spectacular designs, we ensure to cater to all your glimmer needs with the right stone and settings. Crafted with honesty and polished to shine, our lab-created diamonds are nothing short of wow that adorn you with the right, authentic and sterling shine.

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