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Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings for Your Loved One

Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings for Your Loved One

The use of rings as a symbol of commitment dates back to the ancient Romans. Betrothal rings were made of twisted copper or braided hair, and worn on the third finger as they believed the vein on third finger ran directly to the heart. The modern history of engagement rings began in 1215 when these rings were gifted to signify a couple’s commitment during the engagement period, and also became part of the wedding ceremony. History has shown that engagement rings have also represented social status, as for many years diamond rings were reserved for royalty or the very wealthy.

The 20th Century, “A Diamond Is Forever” campaign created a modern-day resurgence in engagement ring purchases. With this surge in the popularity of diamond engagement rings, many new cuts and shapes emerged, and jewelers experimented with designs and settings to enhance the visual appeal of diamonds.

Today, we have reached an exciting, new milestone in diamonds with the development of lab-grown diamonds!

Lab-grown diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties as mined diamonds. They are created in a lab and are conflict-free. Lab-grown diamonds meet the demand of today’s customers who are keenly conscious of the sustainability aspects on all the products they buy. Lab-grown diamonds are also extremely cost effective. A majority of Millennials choose to buy a lab-grown diamond engagement ring over a mined diamond.

New World Diamonds is a direct to consumer lab-grown diamond jewelry brand that is not only environmentally conscious, but also provides superior design and service. Our product guarantee ensures you will receive the diamond quality you purchase in the setting you desire.


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