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June Birthstone: A Complete Guide! - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

June Birthstone: A Complete Guide!

There are three birthstones for people who are born in the month of June. Pearl, Alexandrite, and Moonstone are the three June birthstones. Each of these three June birthstones comprises a natural glow and beauty, which provides people with a birthday in the month of June to choose from a wide range of colorful and gorgeous stones.

What is the birthstone for June?

June marks the onset of summer and is home to the popular three birthstones
Alexandrite, Pearl, and Moonstone. Each stone bears a unique origin, dazzling
quality, and symbolism.


Pearl is the first birthstone for June. It is a precious gem that dates back to the
ancient Greeks period. As per astrology, pearls are associated with Venus, and
this birthstone symbolizes beauty, wealth, and love. There are two types of pearls available - natural pearls and cultured pearls. Natural pearls organically
develop in water; however, because of mass harvesting in ancient areas,
natural pearls are extremely rare to find and also the most sought-after
gemstones. The popularity of artificial or cultured pearls today is rising since
they are commonly available at affordable rates.

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Moonstone is the next June birthstone mined traditionally in Sri Lanka; classic moonstones are popular for their adularescence and transparent color. Apart from Sri Lanka and Madagascar, the United States and Australia also mine these mystical and stunning gems at affordable and readily available options. The history of this gemstone dates back to the ancient Greeks period. According to Hindu mythologies, these gemstones were formed from real moonbeams. Moonstone symbolizes fertility, love, and passion. As moonstones are soft, they are immune to damage and scratches, which is one of the biggest drawbacks of this gemstone. Alexandrite Alexandrite is a modern June birthstone that is among the list of the most expensive and rare gemstones. Genuine alexandrite jewelry can be as expensive as adding Lab Grown Diamonds jewelry.

Because of its rarity, Alexander jewelry that is readily available on the market is mostly synthetic alexandrite. Alexandrite is mined in East Africa, Sri Lanka, Brazil, and Russia. This June birthstone color appears bluish-green if exposed
to sunlight; however, it appears purple and red in fluorescent light. This makes
this gemstone unique, like garnet and sapphires, the only gemstone that can
change color properties. Alexandra gemstone is resistant to wearing tear and
scratches and is tough; therefore, they are a perfect choice for regular wear.
Pearls are available in diverse colors, and you can pair them with other
popular gemstones such as Topaz, tourmaline etcetera. Alexandrite has a vivid
green color which can be paired with an emerald necklace. Moonstone's blue hue complements the quartz family or a blue Topaz.

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