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Is A Diamond Bracelet Worth It? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Is A Diamond Bracelet Worth It?

The popularity of the Tennis Diamond Bracelet as a fashionable and stunning
woman's jewelry grew after Chris Evert lost her valuable diamond studded
bracelet in a match in the year 1987. Countless women, from celebrities to
professional athletes and others, have attempted to emulate the look of this
fashionable and dainty accessory.

Diamond bracelets are a symmetrical positioning of gemstones, especially
diamonds, that are connected by a precious and thin metal chain. Usually, all
the stones arranged in this bracelet are of the same shape, size, clarity, and
color to make them look like line or eternity diamond bracelets. A tennis
bracelet is a worthy investment because they look unique among all other
diamond accessories.

How much is the worth of a tennis bracelet?

Tennis diamond bracelets can cost between 1000 USD to 1,00,000, depending
on the four factors. The type of metal that is used on the gem also determines
its color, strength, purity, and overall value of the bracelet.

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Are diamond tennis bracelets a wise investment choice?

Tennis bracelets, like any other diamond jewelry or diamond rings, can be a good investment choice as long as you know the reason for purchasing them
and also know the company from where you are buying the bracelet. Natural tennis bracelets can appreciate or retain value since they are limited in supply
but come with a big price tag. The majority of the tennis bracelets that are readily available in the market have synthetic materials like cubic zirconia,
which look like diamonds but cost much less than naturally mined diamonds. If you are looking for a diamond bracelet for women, always look for GIA-certified diamonds, whether lab-grown or natural. Tennis bracelets are worthy and hold value. This is the reason why they are increasing in demand. If you are buying a tennis diamond bracelet for the sake of investment, you need to choose a piece you would also love to wear while the value grows in the market. Tennis bracelets have been a go-to piece of jewelry for women for a long time, and women have greatly appreciated their simplistic and elegant design.

What should you know before buying diamond bracelets?

Planning to buy diamond bracelets for women? Diamond bracelets can be an
amazing appreciative gift for any woman and can complement any outfit. While going for diamond bracelets, always consider the four Cs so that you know that you are purchasing a good quality diamond bracelet for your loved one with a good value.

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