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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50

How to Tell If a Diamond Is Lab-Grown or Natural?

There are a lot of customers that we have come across who want to learn about the difference between a lab-grown diamond and a natural one. There is a ton of hype that is going on right now about lab-grown diamonds and the reason for the same is them being completely natural and authentic.


As we talk about lab-created diamonds, we also need to understand the process of how they are made. They are synthesized diamonds made by man in a science laboratory. They are heated up to a certain level under a process called high-pressure high-temperature. Utmost care is taken during this process and it is made sure that the diamond doesn’t lose its authenticity and natural shine. They are also eco-friendly which helps our mother nature from being polluted. We are all aware of the global warming that is taking place in the world and for that reason, we should root for something that is nature friendly.


On the other hand, let us talk about natural diamonds, shall we? These are the ones which are formed under the crust of the earth with extreme pressure from millions of years. They are trapped inside an ore called kimberlite. Once the diamonds are taken out, they go through some processes that bring out their shine.

There are also some physical differences between the two!

 So, most of the lab-created diamonds have a makeup of carbon atoms and isolated boron carbon impurities. These kinds of diamonds are called LLB diamonds. They are also classified on the basis of color distribution, fluorescence, inclusions, phosphorescence, and color treatment. A diamond can also be classified on the basis of its clarity. If there are some spots on the diamond, then it is not very pure.

Lab-grown diamonds are trusted these days and we see a lot of people are inclined towards them on a large scale. There are various celebrities that are seen wearing lab-grown diamonds which is quite a way of promoting them. Looking at celebrities wear them, people also give them a shot. There are many reasons one should try using lab-grown diamonds as they are the future of the diamond industry. Given above are some tips and tricks that will help you make out the difference between lab-grown and natural diamonds and also help you make a wise decision in purchasing them.

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