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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50

How To Stay Within A Budget While Buying Diamonds

Staying on a budget while investing in diamonds can seem a little daunting. Not if you get the right advice on how to go about it, right? Well, if you know the tips and tricks, it’s easy and painless. The key to sticking to a budget is to pay attention to the main Cs of the diamond. Color, clarity, carat weight, and cut play an important role in managing a budget. Understanding the diamond origin can also be a major part of it. If you want to know more about how to follow a budget, read on and get advice of a lifetime.

  1. Create a budget

Creating a budget and most importantly, sticking to it must be your main motto. If you want to save a penny or two, going for lab-created diamonds will be a great choice. They are affordable and eco-friendly as well. They have many varieties like white and colored diamonds to choose from. This will for sure make you save your money.

  1. Choosing the right diamond

Many new buyers can get a little confused. They usually tend to mix up the diamond shape and its cut. But, the shape of the diamond affects the price a lot. The shape of the diamond is generally its silhouette and it shouldn’t be mixed with the cut and the arrangement. For example, going for an oval diamond rather than a round one can save up to 30%, and going for an Asscher will save up to 40%.

  1. Doing the research

Be it diamonds or anything, doing your research is very crucial. It is important for you to look up the prices of the diamond that you want. Doing this will give you a brief insight before actually purchasing the diamond. Beforehand information about the pricings will get you prepared for when you go to the store to buy the diamond.

  1. Inclusions

The environment under which a diamond is created is in the hands of a scientist. But, how it turns out to be, is not. No diamond can be flawless. There are some inclusions in them. There are slight irregularities and features that a naked eye can’t notice. Going for such diamonds will for sure save money without compromising on the quality much.

These were some tips and tricks on how to stick to your budget while buying diamonds. Take these into consideration and we are sure that you will manage to stick to the budget that you have prepared.

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