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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50

How to choose your lab-grown diamond rings shape?

The diamond ring that you possess is not only your engagement ring but also the storyteller of your and your partner’s love story. It is the most treasured and breathtaking moment when you decide to put a ring on it, isn’t it? It must feel like a princess just like you are. But at the same time, finding the right shaped diamond ring is a tedious task and will get you on your feet for sure. One cannot be extra careful while choosing the shape as it represents our personality in a way. Your ring is going to remind you of your loved one and they will cherish it for life.

There are some ring types given below that will help you choose the right one for you and your loved ones.

Round Shaped:

If your personality is brilliant and sparkly just like this particular shape, you should go for it without giving it a second thought. This shape is considered to be one of a kind as it is rare and no other diamond shines like it. 

Oval Shaped:

If you are looking for a ring that will make your fingers look a little elongated, this is just the shape for you. The modified version will give you a nice shine and will look unique.

Princess Shaped:

This shape is particularly known for its traditional touch. They are designed to give brilliance. Most of the people these days are going for a lab-created diamond princess cut ring as it is in trend right now. 

Cushion Shaped:

This particular shape is known for the vintage feel. It looks like a pillow and hence the name cushion. These are known to be the perfect blend of classic and trendy.

Emerald Shaped: 

This is one of the most elegant shapes. These are the ones with long diamonds and are very clean and sophisticated shaped diamond ring. It looks larger than any other shapes even if the carat weight is less.

These are some of the most demanded shapes that you can find in any diamond type, be it a lab-grown diamond or an earth-mined diamond. Make sure you choose the right diamond shape by taking into account these given tips and tricks about the shapes of the diamonds. The looks of the gemstone matters a lot and you do too! Hence, you should go for a shape that suits your personality and would look wonderful and breathtaking on your delicate fingers.

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