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How Many People Should I Invite to My Wedding?

Making a wedding guest list can be a challenging task. When you have found your true love and want to commit your life together, the first question that arises is how many people should I invite to my wedding? You must include everyone important on your guest list, from the bride’s parents to the groom’s parents to the wedding stylist and even the wedding planner. Before including the names on your seating chart, you must first decide the number of guests you want to invite on your final wedding day. The following points will help you to guide through tons of challenging decisions.

How to invite someone to the wedding?

There’s a huge difference between a big party containing more than 300 people versus a small gathering of 20 people. If you plan to have a small wedding ceremony, it will be more intimate, and you can devote more time to your close ones. However, suppose you're planning a large wedding party to make the ceremony more celebratory. In that case, you have to invite people from all walks of life, such as your extended family, immediate family, brothers, sisters, childhood friends, coworkers, second cousins, and first cousins. However, in this type of ceremony, you won't be able to communicate with all and interact with them properly. 

It is a matter of personal preference about the number of people to invite to your wedding. It depends on how many guests you will invite and be comfortable on the most important day of your life. The average annual wedding budget in the US in 2020 was $ 19,000. It will be wise to determine the number of people you want to invite to your wedding as per your budget limits. You need to consider all the elements that are important for you and your partner. Knowing your budget and affordability will help you to consider how much money you can allocate and make a guest count when you are making a plan for your wedding.

Suppose you’re planning a big wedding and want to invite more guests. In that case, you have to plan for additional stationery like menu cards, wedding programs, a large venue, additional printed invites, and more rentals like tables, linens, and chairs. You need to consider all these factors before evaluating your guest count. 

What is more important, a venue list or a guest list?

Many people planning a wedding invite as many close ones as possible on their big wedding day. However, some prefer to make a venue list first, which limits the invite list for the wedding day. It depends on your preference whether you want to focus on the guest or venue list. If you are focusing on the venue list, then top venues have a specific limit on the number of guests that can be hosted. If the capacity of the venue is important to you, it will limit the number of people you invite.

What percentage of invited guests attend a wedding?

Most wedding ceremonies have less than 200 individuals, as per the reports of the American wedding study. The average wedding attendance is close to 167. Most of the guest's list comprises close family members, co-workers, close friends, parents, future in-laws, etc. Experts recommend people invite guests as per the budgetary limits. If you are wondering how many invitations are for 150 guests, consider setting your budget first. If any of these guests cancel the invitation, you can send invites to your second-tier guests. If you set your wedding budget up to $ 5000, then as per the wedding experts, drink and food will contribute nearly 40% of your expense. The average cost for a buffet in wedding catering is $27 whereas for a plated meal it is $ 40.

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