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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50
SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50

How Lab-Grown Diamonds Keep their Promise of 'Forever'

One of the closest things to forever are these precious stones that know how to hold their promise. Being most beautiful wonders are these scintillating sparkles that hold the highest rank of beauty and elegance. Diamonds are a pinnacle of beauty and shine holding timeless and everlasting radiance.

With a plethora of enticing designs to sparkle every moment and fill your special moments with love, laughter and life, these dazzling diamonds bring oceanic shine and beauty at every stage, at every age!

Lab-grown Diamonds are made inside a laboratory in a controlled environment by mimicking the external environmental parameters similar to that of natural diamonds. They undergo tremendous heat and pressure and are formed inside baking chambers, cooled and cut and polished to shine.

Why You Should Shop for Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Lab diamonds are available in tempting jewelry designs like Lab Grown Diamond Necklace, Lab Grown Diamond Eternity Band, Lab-Grown Rings for Men and more to dazzle your moments with fragments of love and glitter. A promise of eternal shine and never fading sparkle makes lab-grown diamonds most sought after pieces. As the need for flawless diamonds continue to grow, lab-grown diamonds with their exhilarating designs and exciting shimmer ensure to top the to buy list of every shopper.

Lab-Grown vs. Natural Diamonds

The beauty of lab-grown diamonds is identical to the naturally found diamond stones. It is impossible for the naked eye to spot differences between the two for their color, clarity or radiance. Only experts or gemologists with their special equipment can analyze and identify the difference, otherwise, lab-grown diamonds possess as great shine as blood diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds offer incredible brilliance and possess timeless beauty that will make them stand ahead on your to-buy list.

So why are they priced 30-40% less than natural diamonds? This is because of the process of their formation and excavation that majorly influence their prices. Heavy drilling and mining along with a large number of laborers impact the cost of natural diamonds and conversely, being created inside a laboratory with zero harm to biodiversity and no involvement of heavy machines or equipment curbs the prices of lab-grown diamonds.

Over time, as the magic of diamonds continues to grow for their mesmerizing appearance and enchanting glow, New World Diamonds bring you lab-grown jewelry that captivates the best of what the world has to offer. You can check out their exclusive collection of lab diamond jewelry on their website.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are known for their tempting appearances and breathtaking designs that whirls the mood of every shopper and makes them get their hands on these great pieces. With an everlasting sparkle and a trail of perpetual shine that they leave behind, these diamonds truly mean when they say, forever!

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