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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Get 10% off on all pieces with code 'SURPRISE'
SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Get 10% off on all pieces with code 'SURPRISE'
Fashion Comes Alive with Lab grown Colored Diamonds. Here's how! - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Fashion Comes Alive with Lab grown Colored Diamonds. Here's how!

All are quite aware of the 4Cs of man-made diamonds, i.e., Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. All these metrics define the brilliance or shine of colorless diamonds, whose lack of colors determines their beauty and price. But with their fancy colored siblings, these metrics are never taken into account; in fact, the depth of their hues plays a crucial role in enhancing their allure in the eyes of those gorging upon their shine!

Thanks to eminent celebrities and fashionistas spearheading the change of embracing colored diamonds with the same love and appreciation. From Met Gala to Cannes, colored diamonds are seen donned by incredible people adding to their charm and making them desirable like never before!

Fashion Forward: Colored Diamonds

Taking the leap in the fashion world, colored diamonds are being valued and selected for their beauty that comes uninterrupted. Tell us the color & we shall bring you the spark in its brightest shade. That's the beauty of these precious diamonds; they slip into your persona effortlessly!

Lab grown colored diamonds are available in the most tempting shades. Brown and yellow are one of the most common ones, followed by pink, blue, and orange to name a few. As the depth of their hue increases, so does their value and vice versa.

Beauty Uninterrupted

From Jennifer Lawrence to Heidi Klum, the increasing spotlight on colored lab grown diamonds has been deriving their desire and magnifying their appeal. In fact, the availability of wide colors in their best saturation is easing the purchase of these fancy scintillation, placing them on the wish list of all for their magnum opus beauty!

Pink and yellow Colored diamonds are two of the best-loved fancy colored lab grown diamonds, followed by blue and green. The marvel of creations adorns your grace, amplifying your aura and raising the style quotient, making you look nothing less than a diva. Come fashion, and these colored diamonds are ready to settle in the hearts of all with their mesmerizing appearance. Should you love the chic and trendy look, colored man-made diamonds have got for you!

Next in Fashion

Colored diamonds have been a part of fashion for decades for their alluring shine and captivating brilliance. These pearl-like stones are a must-have for ardent jewelry lovers who know how to stay on top of their beauty game, donning these sparkles and oozing glam from every pore. What's next in fashion, you may ask! We shall say without a blink - colored diamonds! For their exuberance, loyal luster, and everlasting charm, to name a few, these diamonds are real, rare, and royal.

When to Wear and What?

Different shades of colored man-made diamonds reveal a story of passion, luxury, and effortless charm. Gorging upon your persona, these diamonds find their true light with your confidence and enticing aura. Donning a black gown for their cocktail night? How about a bold black diamond? Planning a rendezvous with friends in summery maxis? A pink-colored diamond is your pick for the day! Whatever the occasion be, synthetic colored diamonds have got something bright for you, always!

Our marvel of design-differentiated creations is a testament to your beauty and timeless spark. We offer you a plethora of stunning lab-created colored diamonds in different shapes and sizes to marry them with your personality seamlessly. Explore our range of scintillations crafted honestly, keeping in mind the beauty of both - you and our planet!

Shop for ethically created lab-grown colored diamonds including a pink diamond engagement ring, blue diamond pendant, and more at our online store - New World Diamonds, created by craftsmen possessing the highest level of expertise. We have all that you need for that perfect touch of glimmer.

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