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Fancy Deep Pink Purple Engagement Rings - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Fancy Deep Pink Purple Engagement Rings


Purple is a beautiful color once prized by the elite and is frequently associated with royalty. However, it is also a color that is full of symbolism.

Due to the lengthy procedure and great cost required to dye fabric purple, purple was regarded for centuries as a symbol of status worn primarily by the wealthy and nobility. When she forbade wearing the hue by anybody outside specific royals, Queen Elizabeth I contributed to the association.

The color resembles royalty. Whatever the color may represent, deep pink purple engagement rings of this appealing hue look stunning.

Rings made of Amethyst

Ancient Greeks connected sapphire with the wine deity Bacchus because of its grape-colored hue and thought the gem could keep people from getting wasted. According to the artist Leonardo da Vinci, Amethysts boost intelligence and guard against negative thoughts. Beyond symbolism, amethysts have attracted people for ages, making the semi-precious stone a gorgeous center stone for engagement rings.

Fortuna Ring with Amethyst

A magnificent cushion-shaped amethyst is set in a unique setting with a ring of gem accents for a standout appearance. On the modern split shank band, two sets of pave diamonds glitter, and this elegant design is finished off with a surprise line of gemstone accents on the bridge.

Is Pink and Purple Engagement Ring Popular?

The popularity of pink-purple sapphire engagement rings has increased. They are thought to have particular significance in addition to being lovely and distinctive. Similarly, to their well-known blue cousins, pink sapphires symbolize trust, loyalty, and sincerity in many civilizations. In addition, pink sapphires are thought to bring luck and passionate love, making them ideal for an engagement ring.

Purple Sapphire Wedding Bands

Although most people think of sapphires as being blue, they come in a wide range of hues, with purple being the most gorgeous! Purple sapphires are the ideal crown jewel because they have a long history of being connected with royalty, just like the color purple.

Diamond Opera Ring

In this traditional three-stone ring, captivating pear-shaped diamonds magnificently frame the main purple sapphire. The little ring tapers smoothly and holds the gems in their basket settings.

Purple Engagement Vintage Rings

Vintage jewelry frequently uses purple gems, including alexandrite, amethyst, tanzanite, sapphire, and even purple diamonds. The settings for these diamonds, which range from Victorian to retro, look fantastic.

Wendell’s Ring

This magnificent Victorian-era design holds a beautiful rectangular gemstone in place by four compass set prongs, and a 14K yellow gold ring is embellished with elegant floral embellishments.

Viviana Diamond Ring of Luxury

This traditional engagement ring has brilliant scalloped pavé diamonds wrapping around it on three sides. The core violet sapphire is held in place by delicate claw prongs and a gallery studded with diamonds.

Diamond Ring Reina

This stunning ring features a glittering purple gemstone in the center, surrounded by a regal halo of accent diamonds for a standout and sophisticated appearance.

Feliza’s Ring 

This timeless Retro-era ring features three amethysts with beautifully hued oval shapes that rest gently in 14K yellow gold. Six accent stones with superb-cut diamonds are set between them for more contrast and shine.

Nomi Ring

This elegant round genuine amethyst is set in a 14 thousand white gold estate ring with round brilliant cut diamonds on each side. The design is classically inspired.

Choosing the Best Purple Diamonds

The intensity or saturation of the color is the most crucial aspect of a purple diamond’s quality. The GIA color grading system for purple engagement rings starts with Faint, Very Light, and Light before moving on to the highly sought-after fancy purple colors. When referring to diamonds with a vibrant color but less saturation than fancy purple, an intense purple diamond, the terms “fancy deep” or “fancy dark” may be used. The cost per carat increases noticeably between the light and fancy color categories.


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