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Everything You Need To Know About the Graff Pink Diamond

Diamonds are everyone’s weaknesses, are we right? After all, they are gorgeous enough to win all hearts. From white diamonds to lab-grown colored diamonds, you will find a wide range that will mesmerize you. There are many rare and unique diamonds that have been in the world and they continue to be. Today we will be talking about the great Graff Pink Diamond in detail. Stay with us till the very end to know in-depth about the gorgeous diamond.

About the Iconic Graff Pink Diamond:

This iconic diamond was owned by Harry Winston. He kept it as part of his private collection. It resided out of the public eye for almost about 60 years before it came out for an auction in 2010. Originally, it was estimated to fetch between $27 million and $38 million approximately. Later, Laurence Graff purchased this diamond for an outstanding of $46 million at a Magnificent jewels sale. This made this diamond the most expensive one to be sold publicly.

Why is the Graff Pink Diamond So Special?

Generally, all pink diamonds are rarely found, and talking about the Graff Pink, it is one famous and rare diamond indeed. You won’t find pink diamonds over 5 carats and some don’t even achieve the gem quality.

These diamonds can't be free of some impurities. This very diamond had about 35 natural flaws. Laurence thought that they could be removed by making the diamond heightened and making the color intense. There were many risks involved in the recutting procedure, but Laurence decided to proceed with it. Whoever recut this diamond, their identities remained undisclosed. Laurence thought that this was the only way to go about recutting the diamond. 

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