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Everything You Need to Know About Colored Diamond

We earlier mentioned many things about colored diamonds, their types, and various colors they come in when we presented 5 frequently asked questions about colored diamonds.

In this article, we are presenting some less-known facts about colored diamonds and how they are so precious in the world of diamonds.

Read on, you will be surprised after reading the 3rd fact…

1. Pink Diamonds Are the 'MOST' Popular

Another unique colored diamonds color among the rarest is pink. These diamonds are considered the most popular among diamond enthusiasts, investors, and collectors. When holding an investment, pink diamonds are among the first on their minds. Similar to red diamonds, these stones get their color from chemical deformities due to stress during their formation.

2. The Argyle Mine Is Almost Ending

Are you looking for fanciest colored diamonds? You need to move faster. By the end of this year (2020), the Argyle mine which is home to almost 90% of all pink diamonds, is all set to end all operations. Basic understanding suggests that supply and demand for pink diamonds will struggle too and hence the value of those rare stones will increase too. So, why not choose pink or white diamonds, which are grown in the labs. Shop color diamonds with New World Diamonds.

3. Value of Colored Diamonds Don't Depreciate Easily

We know you are smiling. Any natural diamond will depreciate in value easily but not colored. London based property company Knight Frank launched an annual report where it stated the value of colored diamonds increased by 111% in over just 10 years. Choosing unique colored diamonds will appreciate your wealth for sure.

4. Colored Diamonds Keep Breaking Records

Records are indeed meant to be broken. Some colored diamond studded earrings even sold at $57 million making them the most expensive earrings sold ever. The same goes for Lab grown diamonds but we are not sure they will be sold at the auction. Although your investment will make you happy forever.

5. Investments Are for Everyone

Talking about the investment, rarest lab grown colored diamonds are formed the same as they are created in nature. Due to their unique informalities in the anatomical structures, these diamonds get their unique colors. So, investing in the colored lab grown diamonds is not costly if you think so. Buying a white diamond and colored diamonds costs almost the same hence, everyone can invest properly in the lab grown colored diamonds.

6. The GIA Report Helps Diamond Authenticity

Colored diamonds are authentic too. They are 100% authentic. Even with the lab grown diamonds, you can shop colored diamonds and get them certified from GIA. These reports usually present you with a wide variety of information like their grading, quality, and more.

So, shop colored diamonds easily with New World Diamonds and shine bright like forever.

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