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Do lab-created diamonds fade or become cloudy with time?

We might get a little confused when it comes to the properties of a diamond. Not all of us are experts to know about the diamond inside out, its background, and so on. Regarding this, we have come across a lot of people with some doubts in their heads about a diamond. It is obvious as you are making a big investment in diamonds, so you have the right to ask anything and everything. Clients often get confused as they keep on hearing some misconceptions about diamonds and their properties from other jewelers. They are being told that a lab-created diamond tends to lose its shine and kind of fade or become cloudy with time. This is not true! Lab-grown diamonds have the same properties as the mined diamonds. So, if at all they fade, it will be the same reason why mined diamonds fade.

Lab-grown diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties as earth mined diamonds. They are basically real diamonds. Just the difference is that they are produced in a laboratory. Rest is all the same. They have very good clarity. They possess all the elements that prevent them from getting faded or cloudy. Although some Lab-grown diamonds can fade, this happens only if the quality of the diamond is cheap. In such a case, they lose their shine due to overexposure to UV light. 

Why Lab grown diamonds don’t fade with time

One reason why lab-created diamonds don’t lose their shine or get faded and cloudy with time is that they are created by a process called HPHT. This refers to high-pressure high-temperature. The other process is CVD, chemical vapor deposition. In this, a mixture of hydrogen and methane gas is placed in a chamber. This way, a diamond grows on the seed crystal. This way, the diamond has all the qualities that resist it from becoming faded or cloudy.

If you want to invest in a lab-grown diamond, you should totally go for it as they have proved to be the best in almost every aspect. You don’t need to worry about them getting rusty or faded with time. These diamonds are well tested and only then they are being sold on a huge level. Lab-grown diamonds are said to change people’s minds and attract them. If you ever wish to buy a diamond, a lab-created diamond is what you should go for.

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