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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Get 10% off on all pieces with code 'SURPRISE'
Decoding the Mystery: Black Diamonds and Carbonados Explained - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Decoding the Mystery: Black Diamonds and Carbonados Explained

For over decades, diamonds have been associated with luxury, brilliance, and glamour. However, not all diamonds are created the same. Not all diamonds fit the traditional image of a sparkling, clear gemstone. Some diamonds will make you doubt if it is even a diamond or some other gem. One of these gemstones is the black diamonds and carbonados. These mysterious variants can defy the conventional norms of diamond aesthetics. In this blog, we will delve into the intriguing origins, unique characteristics, and captivating allure of these dark and unconventional diamonds.



What are Carbonados?


Carbonados are also known as black diamonds. They stand apart from their colorless counterparts. This is due to their opaque and dark look. Unlike traditional diamonds, carbonados feature a distinctive polycrystalline structure. It is composed of numerous small crystals that are fused together. These diamonds are believed to have originated from outer space, according to reports. There are theories that suggest that they might be remnants of a supernova explosion or formed within interstellar environments.


Origins and Formation of Carbonados


The formation of carbonados remains a subject of scientific debate. One of the most famous theories proposes that these diamonds are formed in outer space. It suggests that they arrived on Earth via meteorites or other celestial bodies. The extreme pressure and temperature conditions during a supernova explosion could have led to the formation of carbonados. This makes them a unique and extraterrestrial variety of diamonds.


Physical Characteristics of Carbonados


Carbonados are characterized by their distinctive black color. This is a result of the presence of graphite, amorphous carbon, and other impurities. Despite their appearance, these diamonds can exhibit a brilliant luster. This makes these gemstones alluring in their own unconventional way. Diamonds have a single crystalline structure. However, carbonados feature a polycrystalline structure. This contributes to their unique aesthetic.


Lab Created Black Diamond


In today’s world, technological progress has led to many sparkling marvels. Black diamond is one of them. You can create a black diamond in the lab using advanced technology. Lab grown black diamonds are different from carbonados. They feature different characteristics. The modern fashion world has changed significantly. It is far too different from the traditional fashion and jewelry industry. Today, jewelers are making use of lab created black diamonds to create high-end diamond jewelry. However, black lab diamond has various other uses, too.


Industrial Uses of Lab Created Black Diamonds


While traditional diamonds are used for their brilliance and clarity, black diamonds find their use in industrial applications. Their toughness and hardness make them ideal for use in cutting and drilling tools. The unique structure of these diamonds allow them to withstand extreme conditions. It makes them valuable in industries such as mining and drilling. These are the places where durability is paramount.


Lab Created Black Diamond in Jewelry


In recent years, lab created black diamond has also gained popularity in the world of jewelry. These gems are unconventional. They have attracted consumers who want something non-traditional. Black diamonds are used to make engagement rings, lab created black diamond earrings, and other jewelry pieces. Black diamond jewelry has become a trendy choice for those who appreciate the unconventional beauty of these dark gems. Designers often pair black diamonds with white diamonds. This is done to create a striking and contrasting jewelry design.


Cultural Significance of Lab Grown Black Diamond


Lab-grown diamonds have found a place in various cultures and traditions. They symbolize strength, power, and resilience. In some cultures, these diamonds are believed to possess protective qualities and are associated with energy. These gems are not only beautiful and alluring but are also symbolic and unique. They resonate with individuals who seek jewelry that is unique and classy.




The world of diamonds is far more diverse and fascinating. Carbonados and black diamonds are making a stand for themselves in the world of unconventional jewelry. These diamonds have several applications. It is used not only to create jewelry but also to create industrial tools. If you want something unique and unconventional, then lab created black diamond are your best choice.


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