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Common FAQs about Promise Rings

In the past, promise rings became popular and became a trend because men started to give them to their partners as a sign of their intention to get married ultimately. This mostly happened when they weren't financially stable and able to afford a peaceful living. However, they were committed to their partner and wanted to marry sometime in the future. Later, women also started to give promise rings to the ones they loved signifying their commitment to the relationship. Today, these rings are commonly used by couples as a sign of their love and affection towards each other.

A lot of people still don't know much about them; hence here are some common FAQs about them to help you know more about promise rings. 

  1. What are promise rings?

A promise ring is a ring that couples give each other as a sign of their commitment to the relationship and signifying that it’s not just casual dating and they look forward to more from the relationship.

  1. What does a promise ring mean?

The name of the ring signifies the meaning itself, promise. It is a piece of jewelry that portrays a promise made between two people, but the precise meaning could be subjective, it varies from couple to couple. They could also mean engagement, friendship, and also abstinence.

  1. What does a promise ring look like?

Promise rings are exquisite yet simple; in general, they are delicate, smaller, and affordable. They appear in different shapes and sizes. In primordial times, they had inscriptions engraved on them. Now promise rings are often made with valuable metals such as gold, silver, or platinum. You can also customize and design your own engagement rings from New World Diamonds as they offer the best quality lab-grown diamond engagement rings.

  1. Can promise rings be worn by both men and women?

In ancient times, promise rings were chiefly worn by women as a symbol of devotion. However, nowadays the fashion has changed as promise rings have become popular amongst couples. In the present time, both men and women are seen wearing promise rings and many couples opt to wear similar-looking promise rings.

  1. Which finger should you wear a promise ring on?

As per long-time traditions, it is said that promise rings should be worn on the ring finger of your left hand as there's a vein of love that runs from your left ring finger to the heart. But there's no such “rule” to do so. Promise rings can be worn on any finger; people even wear them chained around the neck.

These were the most common questions about promise rings that we have answered for you. We hope that this information might help you understand a promise ring better.

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