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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50

Colored Diamond Comparison -Yellow or Pink, Which One to Choose

Many of us are on the hunt for fancy colored diamonds that will suit our personalities. It is obvious for you to get skeptical as you will find a ton of gorgeous options in the market. Out of which, you must be thinking about either pink diamonds or yellow lab-grown diamonds. Not only are they powerful but also incredibly valuable and rare. You can make gorgeous pieces of jewelry out of these like stud earrings and engagement rings. If you want to learn more about these highly sought-after colored diamonds, we are here to help. Know more about these diamonds and make an informed purchase.

Pink Diamonds

These diamonds are nothing short of fascinating. The sheer beauty of a pink diamond will make you fall in love with it instantly. Talking about a natural pink diamond, it has a pink hue to it. This diamond is considered as one of the rarest colored diamonds after red. There are certain parts of the world that produce pink diamonds and they are India, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Canada out of which, most of the supply comes from Western Australia. Pink-colored natural diamonds gain their color because of the enormous pressure undergone during the formation process.

On the contrary, lab-grown pink diamonds are created by the HPHT method. The second following step is creating the necessary pressure to create a structure that turns it pink. These diamonds are affordable, eco-positive, and sustainable.

If you are looking for bright, funky, and trendy jewelry, pink colored diamonds are the one for you. They will pop out just right, make you stand out of the crowd, and you will grab a few eyes for sure.

Yellow Diamonds

These diamonds hold the strongest market demand because they make statement jewelry pieces. The vivid yellow color makes it belong in the fancy-colored diamond family. These are likely to be found all over the world but especially in Australia. A natural yellow diamond gains its color due to the impurities during the formation process. In this case, there is a presence of nitrogen molecules that absorb blue light.

While making yellow lab-grown diamonds, nitrogen is added for intense yellow color. If you are looking for a more subtle and calming color, yellow is the one for you. It will suit the best with any outfit and make an incredibly beautiful engagement ring.

This was everything that you needed to know about pink and yellow diamonds to choose any one of them. Both these diamonds are rare and elegant. If you are looking for gorgeous pink and yellow diamonds, New World Diamonds awaits you. We offer an exquisite range of colored diamonds. Our lab grown white diamond is also a best-seller that you can pair with colored diamonds to create stunning jewelry. Make sure to check out our website for more information.

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