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Memorial Day Weekend Sale. Code: M-DAY takes 15% off every order. Thank you for all those that sacrificed everything for all!!!
Memorial Day Weekend Sale. Code: M-DAY takes 15% off every order. Thank you for all those that sacrificed everything for all!!!
Are Round Engagement Rings in Style? - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

Are Round Engagement Rings in Style?

Around 75% of the total diamonds sold are round-shaped diamonds. The popularity of this shape is always in trend because they have a perfect round shape with exceptional fire as well as brilliance. A round diamond has a timeless classic appeal that works well with any ring setting style. Halo round engagement rings are a versatile shape that works well with solitaire settings. They offer more brilliance and exude more flash.


Round engagement ring is high in popularity because they retain their worth better over the course of time. They hold a constant appeal and will always be in trend. Round brilliant engagement rings hold a classic elegance and a
sophisticated style that people can wear regardless of generation. Round-shaped stones hold greater value but can also adapt to any ring setting style,
colors, and cuts of the side stones. With a shift in trends, you can change the
initial setting of your brilliant round engagement ring without buying a new
diamond stone.

The Grading

Round brilliant curd diamonds remain the number one choice for wedding or
engagement rings. The fire and brilliance elicited from the different facets of
this cut enable the shape to look good in any ring setting, from Halos to
solitaires. These are definitely showstopping gemstones that look stylish and
versatile with minimal imperfections.

The Value

Round brilliant shape diamonds have more facets; therefore, they can easily
mask internal flaws or imperfections. The fire and brilliance eluded from the
facets tend to distract the eyes from the minimum inclusions; therefore, they
appear to be perfect to the naked eye. Step-faceted diamond cuts like asscher
and emerald cards can magnify flaws and imperfections easily, so buyers have
to look for higher-clarity diamond rings, increasing the cost.

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Always in style

Round engagement rings are a simple and classic diamond shape that will
make your ring shine and sparkle. With this cut, you never have to worry about going out of fashion or style since they have been a popular diamond shape for centuries. It is a versatile cut that will compliment your ring setting. If you're looking for an affordable option, round-cut diamond wedding bands will easily fit your budget. A 2-carat round engagement ring will look noticeably bigger and will garner attention across the room.


Round-cut diamonds are the ultimate classic, and vintage or modern brides
are both fond of this diamond shape. Round diamonds shapes are less likely to
get damaged or caught on furniture or clothing since they have no sharp edges
and include clean cuts. They have a symmetrical shape; therefore, they
perform an amazing job of refracting light. If you want a sparkling and
beautiful diamond stone for yourself, you can go for round-cut diamonds with
fewer flaws, unlike other cuts, and have a high clarity grade.

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