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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50

A Guide to Different Shades of Lab-Grown Colored Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are man-made wonders with unmatched beauty and radiance. A lab-grown diamond holds utmost charm and grace for its divine beauty and eternal spark. Moreover, being crafted ethically, these diamonds are gaining great applause for their responsible creation. Following an environment-friendly process, these diamonds are created inside a laboratory by professionals with the highest level of expertise. Truly magnificent and enticing they are, as they appear radiant and are polished to perfection, reflecting incredible light and shine.

Shine in Color

With the ongoing trends, Lab Created Diamonds are gaining immense popularity. Spotted on celebrities and other great personalities, these diamonds are earning great applause for being created in great fancy colors to choose from. Just as great and desirable as their colorless cousins, Lab Grown Colored Diamonds are being sought for their trendy and timeless appeal.

The way a colored diamond is cut makes all the difference. Instead of sparkle, color is the main element that is focused upon to produce great designs with enchanting beauty. Lab-grown colored diamonds are cut in a way that they emit maximum color with incredible shine. Here is a guide to a different shade of colored lab-grown diamonds for you to choose from:

  • Black Colored Diamond

Bold and beautiful is a black colored lab-created diamond. For those who love experimenting and have a distinct take on fashion, a bright black-colored diamond is all for you!

  • Red Colored Diamond

Fierce and Power is what a red-colored lab-grown diamond holds. With a captivating charm and eye-grabbing beauty, red-colored diamonds are sure to win hearts for their magical appeal. Be a beauty in red as you adorn a red-colored diamond raising your aura and charm.

  • Pink Colored Diamond

Pink colored diamonds are chic and queenly. For those who like keeping it subtle yet strong, pink is your go-to option. With a mix of glamour and chic, a pink-colored lab-grown diamond is sure to woo your heart and leave you in complete awe.

  • Blue Colored Diamond

The color blue signifies serenity and inspiration. Nothing can be as attractive and precious as a blue-colored diamond that holds abundant beauty and grace. Have an eye for beauty and appeal? A blue-colored majestic diamond is your choice.

Colored diamonds are one of the great options to show the intensity of hues. With a wide range of colored diamonds, New World Diamonds attempt to serve you joy in varying bright and beautiful colors.

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