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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50
SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50

A Complete Guide to Purchasing a Lab Grown Diamond Ring for your engagement.

So, you are ready to pop the question? Well, the most crucial thing in your proposal, other than the answer, is your RING! Getting the correct ring for your proposal is the most critical. The type of ring you want to buy will decide the kind of diamond you will buy. If you simply go to a store without prior knowledge, you will end up in a state of complete and utter confusion. Choosing your lab grown diamond jewlery can be worrisome.

Tips to remember while picking your ring.

Luckily, working out the best wedding band setting for your soul mate isn't such a confounding question as it appears. This is because every single diamond or ring you choose has its plus points and weaknesses, and that one will fit your criteria.

For a simple and basic person, elegant and simple styles are more suited. They are ideal for your partner, assuming they are inclined towards something low-key and serene.

The Lana Ring by New World Diamonds is an illusion of rich simplicity. In contrast, there are rings like the Kayla Ring. This one has a vintage vibe and is something on the heavier side.

Others are more appealing and lovely, with pavé or hued diamonds and carving to add to the ring's beauty.

Then some people prefer a practical and functional vibe over intricacy. They are more practical and wearable for regular use. They are made remembering factors like solidness and are ideal for the individuals who work with their hands.

New World Diamonds offer you a range of rings for your better half, him or her. The best part about our rings is that they are ethical pieces of diamond jewelry. They are lab made diamonds that will make your love shine.

Here are a few tips while purchasing a lab-made diamond ring for HIM and HER.

  • Your Budget.

Fixing your budget is the first thing to do. You cannot go into a store without setting a budget. You will end up stretching your pocket thin. There is always something better for some more than your set amount. And before you are aware of it, you have crossed the limit you set and then some.

Once you have your specific budget, you can choose the best diamond you can get for that amount. You can leave some margin for the setting as well. Alternately, you can simply decide on a budget for a readymade ring. New World Diamonds allows you the option of readymade engagement rings or lab grown diamonds that you can choose and then your own setting. 

  • Your lab grown diamond ring should reflect your partner's personality.

Ensure that the engagement ring you are buying is something your partner will like. Going by your likes and dislikes is okay as long as you are confident that they will like it too.

If your partner isn't very dressy and prefers a more simple look, a single stone band is a right way to go. The Raymond Ring is an apt example of a simple engagement ring for him. If your partner likes jewelry, you should opt for a bigger stone with smaller ones around. Something unique and vintage-like New World Diamond's Agatha Ring is perfect for her.

For a button-down office-going man, a sophisticated ring makes more sense. Similarly, someone who works with their hands wouldn't want a fancy ring. It would become a hindrance. 

  • The Ring size is, well, essential.

GET HIS OR HER RING SIZE. You do not want to fumble the ring sizes. Ask their family or friend to secretly get their ring size if you do not want them to find out. 

  • Match it with your wedding band. 

         Engagement rings and wedding bands are different. You may have decided on wearing just one, in which case you have a bigger budget. But if you plan on wearing both, ensure that they match, especially if the idea is to wear them on a daily basis. A simple gold or white gold band will go nicely with any statement ring you might choose. 

  • Please do not leave it at the end of your list.

Assuming that you're arranging a surprise for him, don't put ring shopping at the end of your to-do list. Shop early and schedule in time for any delays in delivery. Shopping early and preparing is essential to the flawless execution of your proposal. 

New World Diamonds is committed to ensuring that you get hitched with a hitch. We provide you with constant customer support and updates about your purchase and its delivery time. Our lab made diamonds will reach you on time.

Some beautiful examples of New World Diamonds Lab Grown Engagement Ring for Him.

The Elijah ring is an affordable gold band with three stunning diamonds. It has an understated charm and is perfect for a no non-sense man. 

You can also opt for a traditional and popular design. The Jasper Ring is a single stone delight set in white gold for anyone who likes the conservative and elegant styles.

Men love jewelry too. If your man likes some bling, get him some girl! The Donald Ring or the Logan Ring are just perfect for your man. 

Similarly, here are some inspirations for a lab grown diamonds engagement ring for HER.

For a traditional engagement ring, The Julie Ring is your answer. A beautiful center stone offset by two smaller and equally stunning lab grown diamonds. 

For a vintage vibe, in case you like to woo your lady, New World Diamonds has The Bonnie Ring. An old-world miracle. One magnificent white emerald-cut diamond set in white gold. It's the kind of ring your partner will flaunt proudly for a long, long time. 

Make it extra special- design your own ring. 

New World Diamonds offers you with a service that will help you impress your partner. Something extra never hurts.

Personally design your own man made diamonds engagement ring. Choose your diamond and then your setting. 

You can choose from a range of white or colored diamonds. Colored lab made diamonds actually make for unique, and statement engagement rings. Here's how you go about it.

  • Decide your budget.
  • Find the best possible grade of diamond in that budget.
  • Choose a colored diamond or a fancy shape if you think your partner might appreciate something extra.
  • Choose between gold or white gold. Suggestion- colored diamonds like blue and pink go best in a white gold setting. A yellow hue is rarer and is accentuated best with a gold setting.
  • Place your order.
  • You can make it personal and special by getting it etched on the inside.

Check out new world diamonds 'Build Your Own Ring' service for your personalized lab grown diamond ring. We will stand and guide you throughout the process.

Engagements are a milestone of sorts. Make it special. Invest your time and energy in researching about diamonds before buying one. Your proposal is the one moment that you and your partner will cherish forever, and the ring you choose will be a reminder of it. 

Do not sweat it, though. This guide covers almost everything you will need to make the right choice. At New World Diamonds, we are with you every step of the way.


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