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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Get 10% off on all pieces with code 'SURPRISE'
SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Get 10% off on all pieces with code 'SURPRISE'
5 unique pieces of Lab Grown Diamonds Jewelry to make a Bold Statement - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

5 unique pieces of Lab Grown Diamonds Jewelry to make a Bold Statement

The Fashion Industry comprises four major categories- clothes, make-up, shoes, and JEWELRY! While dresses are always in the highlight with significant events like Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week, jewelry, accessories, and shoes also make statements.

Statement jewelry has become a trend for the last several years. Be it a single pendant or a heavy necklace, multiple earrings, or oversized hoops; jewelry has always made a significant impact on your outfit. It is, in no manner, to be underestimated. It has and will be an an essential part of the fashion industry. 

Suzanne Belperron is a recognized name in the jewelry design industry for those who understand that jewelry is art. Her unique style is her signature, and names like Karl Lagerfeld and The Duchess of Windsor covet her pieces. 

She is an apt example of statement jewelry as her pieces often display a range of stones set in different cuts and shapes. Her Ruby and Diamond Bib Necklace display these qualities of design. It is a statement necklace with enough rubies to make heads turn. 

While a layman may not be able to afford a Belperron, New World Diamonds try to offer similar pieces, so you do not have to think that these pieces will always just be a dream. Lab Grown Diamonds make such pieces a bit less expensive too. 

The Elle Necklace features a similar blue and white design in a smaller diamond. But if you want to glitter away some more, New World Diamond’s Jillian Necklace is just the thing for you!

Another designer who has taken the jewelry industry by storm is – Boivin. A classic Boivin piece is intricate and rich. One of those pieces makes a statement without being distasteful or gaudy. Jean Boivin was, without a doubt, royalty in the jewelry design business. She even gave Beperron her start. 

Jean Boivin is famously recognized for her piece – The Starfish. An iconic piece, it starred in the Vogue 4 times between 1937-45, an unheard-of feat! Claudette Colbert and Millicent Rogers treasured this intricately designed starfish-shaped brooch. Set in gold and full of rubies, the Starfish Brooch was elegant, making a statement of its own!

While buying the Starfish brooch is way out of our leagues, we can take inspiration and look for unique pieces that make a similar statement. Buying CVD Diamonds is one way to purchase intricate designs without paying hefty rates. New World Diamonds offer a range of beautiful and unique lab grown diamonds jewelry for you. Our Crabby Pendant is undeniably a treasure and takes inspiration from Jean Boivin.

Last but not least is the world-renowned diamond company, Cartier. The Cartier family has been a significant force in the jewelry industry for nearly a century! They have given us some of the most iconic pieces of jewelry that are in fashion even today. With some of the best designers and workshops globally, Cartier has given out the highest number of statement pieces ever. The Trinity Line created in the 1920s made people go mad to own one. This was followed by the Cartier luxury watches set in gold and precious stones or even a basic brown tank piece. The Cartier Love bracelet or ring is another coveted piece of jewelry for Cartier lovers over the globe.

New World Diamonds has created several lab grown diamonds pieces that inspire this Jewelry God. The Debbie Ring is one such piece you will take pride in owning. Similarly, the Julissa Ring is a contender for statement pieces.

New World Diamond has several more statement pieces of CVD Diamonds for you. We are a trusted brand, and we promise to bring eco-friendly pieces of jewelry made with pink diamonds, white diamonds, blue diamonds, and other rare colors in various shapes and sizes!

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