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SHOP NOW to create moments of joy with our lab-grown diamond jewelry! Free Express shipping on orders over $50
2-Carat Diamond Ring: Make a Statement - New World Diamonds - fine jewelry, engagement rings and great gifts

2-Carat Diamond Ring: Make a Statement

Do you want to impress your special person by gifting them a magnificent diamond ring that symbolizes your love? Before buying a diamond ring for yourself or your special person, you need to research and spend time on the ring's carat. Any female would say yes to a 2-carat diamond ring still it is important to know other factors before buying a 2-carat diamond ring. Purchasing a 2-carat diamond is a huge moment for many buyers since it is an emotional and financial decision. Two-carat diamonds make a statement, and the following guide will help you to understand all the details about two-carat diamonds.

What is a 2-carat diamond ring?

Carat signifies the weight of a diamond and not its size. A common myth is that people prefer higher-carat diamond weight over low-carat weight. A big stone can look prestigious; however, it has nothing to do with shine and sparkle. A diamond having a well-crafted cut will sparkle more and shimmer beautifully. A diamond engagement ring with a low cut with a large carat may look smaller than an excellent-cut engagement ring. Several important factors help influence the worth of a diamond. It is important to know the basic principles referred to as the 4C’s of the diamond as established by the gemological institute of America for determining the worth of a diamond. The four Cs of a diamond include the following.

 Diamond Carat

A significant element that influences the worth of a diamond is the diamond carat. Diamonds are measured in carats. Two hundred milligrams or 0.007055 ounces is equal to 1 carat. 0.5-carat or half-a-carat diamond is 50-point diamond. VS2 Clarity grade would go best for a two-carat diamond. This clarity grade would ensure that the diamond ring is free from obstructive inclusions and appears clean to the eyes.


The more subjective element of the four C’s is the diamond color, where customers showcase major flexibility. If you buy a 2-carat diamond for yourself, you should seek a diamond ring that comes in D-K colored grade. If you want a white sparkle diamond ring, you can choose color grade D- H.


The cut will greatly impact the overall look of your diamond in terms of both price and beauty. If your budget allows you, then you should opt for well diamond cut, which will increase the quality of your diamond without compromising on beauty. Cut can be a complicated matter of consideration as it comes in angles, proportions, and percentages. When choosing two-carat diamonds, you must consider key features such as the four C’s. 2.00 CT diamond comes at a lower price end because of the lower color. If you want to maximize your budgetary limits, then you can choose 2-carat oval diamond ring.

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